Top 7 Affordable Eco Friendly Furniture Companies, Stores, and Materials

Finding the perfect household staples for your home can be a disheartening task, particularly if you’re looking for eco friendly furniture and ethically made equipment. Thankfully, you can choose from a variety of affordable options. Today we’ll share with you some of the best materials to invest in – materials harvested from sustainable resources. We’ll also introduce you to our favorite stores when it comes to eco friendly furniture.

Don’t expect us to list every green furniture designer or store under the sun. That would be impossible. Instead, we promise a rundown of basic materials that might help you figure out what you want. You should also keep in mind  that out of the specific products and brands we will mention, not all are as affordable as their traditional counterparts. But, as the demand for green design increases, these high-end materials and brands will become more cost effective. Read on to find out more about the best methods to keep your furniture green.

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Green Materials

1. Certified Sustainable Wood

Whether your preferred furniture material is wood, metal, plastic – or literally anything else – you can find Earth-friendly options. Let’s start with wood. It’s clear that our world is in dire need of more trees, not less, so any kind of practice that leads to deforestation is not good. Trees do more than just turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also keep the planet’s surface cool, prevent soil erosion, and provide habitat for animals, insects, birds, and plants.

Simply put, we should know better than mess with the trees. However, there are sustainable ways to harvest wood. Look for green harvested tree farms in your area, or wood that comes from sustainably harvested forests. Reclaimed wood is another main source. Check out the brands certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They control clear-cutting and promote humane working conditions.

2. Reclaimed Materials

If you take good care of wood, it lasts a really long time. However, we should be more concerned about how to make good use of the wood that we’ve already harvested. Fortunately, plenty of designers are doing just that. Reclaimed wood usually refers to materials sourced from old houses, furniture, and other things ready for some eco-friendly reincarnation. Scraps and flawed wood can often be given a second life.

Reclaimed wood comes from the most unexpected places. Some even comes from logs that sunk to the bottom of rivers as they were floating downstream to the sawmill. Others were saved from the bottom of man-made reservoirs and turned into furniture. Either way, reclaimed wood is a great resource, in spite of the fact that it comes in shorter supply. Look for the Rainforest Alliance has a Rediscovered Wood Certification label if you’re shopping for reclaimed wood.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo comes from a large family of grasses, ranging from tiny to downright huge. A material that grows incredibly fast, bamboo is so versatile that it has become the unofficial poster material of the environmental movement. You can use bamboo for flooring, furniture, veneers, window blinds – and even to build your entire house! Most bamboo loads come from China, where most farms use few or zero pesticides. Because of its fast growing rate, it is much easier to prevent depletion of bamboo forests. But keep in mind that some farmers do use pesticides and other chemical assistance. Also, be wary of bamboo products pieced together with glue. They may contain formaldehyde. The fact of the matter is, green experts are still trying to figure out how green bamboo furniture is.

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Eco Friendly Furniture Stores

4. Bambeco

  • Furniture Type | Home office, tables, sofas, beds
  • Features | Eco-friendly, made in America

Bambeco is a brand that wants to inspire sustainable living – one room of the house at a time. All of their eco friendly furniture follows three core values: forest preservation & restoration, clean water & water conservation, and fair wages & safety in the workplace. Ever since they launched on the furniture market, Bambeco has saved more than 300 million gallons of water, planted some 20,000 trees, and employed 10,000 people. They are committed to sustainability, so invest in their gorgeous side tables and wood chairs with confidence. Bambeco can become your go-to store for all sustainable home goods.

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5. Haiku Design

  • Furniture Type | Bedroom, dining, rugs, mats, mattresses, bedding
  • Features | Eco-friendly

Haiku Design’s collection includes sustainable and eco friendly furniture. It provides customers with one of the largest selections of conscious furniture and bedding products. The company offers bamboo and sustainable materials. It also offers bedroom furniture featuring the “E-1” toxic off gassing certification. In other words, Haiku Design makes it its core value to stay away from toxic chemicals, paints, glues, or finishes in the manufacturing of their furniture. The result is furniture that is beautiful designed, high quality, and functional. With this brand, you might finally live in a comfortable, sustainable way that allows you to create a home reflective of your own values.

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6. Inmod

  • Furniture Type | Bedroom, lighting, children’s
  • Features | Eco-friendly, made in America

One of the best online furniture retailers, Inmod offers anything you might need, eco-friendly-wise. The brand uses bamboo, sustainable wood, and other eco-sustainable materials to create functional yet chic furniture. They have made a name for themselves as the company that works with big clients (think Google and Nordstrom), while also providing for individual homeowners. Their style fits nearly every room in your house, starting with children’s furniture and ending with eco-friendly lighting. Check out their bamboo platform bed and the cute nesting tables.

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7. Eco Balanza

  • Furniture Type | Sofas & sectionals
  • Features | Eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic, responsible sourcing

Eco Balanza is the store you need to check out if you’re looking for responsibly-sourced sectionals and sofas. Incredibly comfortable, they are also FSC-certified, which means the products come from responsibly handled forests. Eco Balanza provides everything from fabrics to adhesives, all eco-friendly. They even have a custom design option, where clients can choose a Collection piece and select their preferred configuration, style, and baseline fabric. Looking for hemp? Are you more interested in certified recycled polyester? You’ll find exactly what you need at this store.

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