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Global Warming Might Not Lead to the Extinction of Mammals and Birds

A new study shows that mammals and birds might survive climate change. Scientists indicate that these creatures stand the best chance of all animals when it comes to facing climate change effects. Researchers have developed an analysis on how 11,500 species survived 270 million years of hot-and-cold fluctuations. Their new study reveals that warm-blooded creatures […]

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The Consumption of Sandwiches and Meat Is Responsible for Global Warming

Even if it may sound shocking, scientists blame the consumption of sandwiches and meat for global warming. British scientists have developed a new study which reveals this strange connection between global warming and eating sandwiches. Scientists at the University of Manchester have announced on January 25 the results of their newest study. Their research is […]

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Is Nuclear Energy Renewable? (The Truth about Nuclear)

Is nuclear energy renewable? Nuclear energy being added to the renewable energy source list has been a topic of controversy over the years. Is nuclear energy renewable? To understand why, it is important to understand what the process of creating nuclear energy entails and what renewable energy is versus a sustainable energy.Renewable Energy vs. Sustainable […]

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