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Bayer loses another Roundup cancer case as California jury awards couple $2 billion
Bayer AG, the company that owns Monsanto, is reeling after a third jury in California awarded a $2 billion judgement[...]
The future of glass skyscrapers just got greener with transparent solar panels
Solar power has been around for a long time. And with the increasing construction of glass structures such as skyscrapers,[...]
Researchers find cocaine and banned pesticides inside freshwater shrimp
"All drains lead to the ocean," or so said the Clownfish named Gill in Finding Nemo. The Moorish idol voiced[...]
House Democrats seek to change outdated laws governing mining on public lands
For the last 147 years, mining on public lands has been governed by an 1872 law that allows the mining[...]
California bans pesticide linked to brain damage in kids yet defended by Trump administration
California Governor Gavin Newsom has taken critical action to protect generations of California children from the serious health effects of[...]
Trump administration delays offshore oil drilling plan until after 2020 Election
The Department of the Interior under President Donald Trump is delaying his plan to expand offshore oil drilling until after[...]

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