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France Says All New Rooftops Must Be Covered In Plants Or Solar Power Panels
A law approved recently in France makes it mandatory that new buildings built in commercial zones be partially covered in[...]
European Union Takes Aim At Electronics Waste
Next to plastic, the next big waste crisis has to be electronics, which are piling up in dumps around the[...]
Italy Adds Climate Crisis To Core School Curriculum In Worldwide First
In a global first, the nation of Italy is planning to place climate science and the climate crisis front and[...]
Africa Is On The Verge Of Leading The World In Renewable Energy
Over the next two decades, Africa is poised to lead the world in the global clean energy revolution by using[...]
Report Shows That Ozone-Depleting Gas Is On The Decline
When it comes to keeping our planet healthy for our own survival, we cannot forget about the ozone layer in[...]
300 Million People In Danger Of Losing Their Homes Due To Rising Sea Levels
Coastal flooding caused by rising sea levels will affect at least 300 million people over the next 30 years, according[...]

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