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Colgate announces new recyclable toothpaste tube
The packaging engineers at Colgate have cracked the code when it comes to manufacturing a recyclable plastic toothpaste tube, and[...]
Your sunscreen is killing coral reefs and you don’t realize it
Coral reefs are dying around the world, and sunscreen is only making the problem worse because some of the chemicals[...]
A brewing environmental problem: K-Cup waste
They have become almost ubiquitous in our fast-paced world, where we seek instant solutions to something as simple as a[...]
Corporations have wiped out enough trees for profit to fill up the United Kingdom
Several companies within the agriculture industry pledged to end their ties to deforestation by 2020, but as that deadline is[...]
United Kingdom airport experiments with reusable coffee cups to reduce waste
Gatwick airport in the United Kingdom is conducting a trial experiment aimed at reducing paper waste at Starbucks by giving[...]
When it comes to reducing single-use plastics, ALDI tops the list among grocery chains
With 1,864 stores across the nation and growing, popular grocery retail store ALDI has been ranked in first place above[...]

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