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Having Already Killed Half A Billion Bees, Brazil Approves New Pesticides Even More Fatal
Between December 2018 and February 2019, Brazil killed more than 500 million bees across four Brazilian states by exposing them[...]
Giraffes Gain Endangered Species Protection As Their Numbers Continue To Plummet
Giraffes have been granted added protections as an endangered species and trade in the animals and their body parts will[...]
Rising Global Temperatures Are Boosting The Lobster Population, But Not For Long
The state of Maine is experiencing a booming lobster population because of warming seas, but once temperatures get high enough[...]
Washington State Wipes Out Wolf Pack For Ranch Family Before Judge Could Could Rule
Environmentalists and wildlife advocates are outraged after the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife wiped out a wolf pack[...]
A Record Number Of Wildfires Are Now Burning In The Amazon Rainforest
In Sao Paulo, Brazil, day has become night due to the enormous amount of smoke coming from wildfires burning in[...]
Ocean Plastic Claims The Life Of Yet Another Adorable Marine Animal
A beloved baby dugong in Thailand that had gained Internet immortality has died after ingesting plastic, marking yet another tragedy[...]

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