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Ice cores reveal 1,500 years of lead levels starting in Medieval times
Scientists studying a series of ice cores discovered that lead pollution was a problem even before the Industrial Revolution. Ice[...]
Scotland wind turbines double energy production in defiance of Trump’s complaining
When President Donald Trump complained about the "ugly" wind turbines off the coast of Scotland, officials could have easily abandoned[...]
Australia preparing to build the world’s largest solar farm to help power Singapore
The desert landscape in Tennant Creek, a remote part of the Northern Territory of Australia, is barren and forbidding, devoid[...]
Sharks teeter on edge of extinction as humans kill them to make soup, putting ocean health at risk
The world's oceans are already under enough stress due to human activity, but now sharks are on the decline because[...]
Garter snakes could be your garden’s best friends
Millions of people are afraid of snakes. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most common phobias, called ophidiophobia (alternatively[...]
EPA will limit public’s ability to oppose pollution created by power plants and factories
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is about to weaken rules that give communities a say-so in determining how much pollution[...]

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