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In Nationwide First, California Bans Single-Use Plastic Hotel Toiletries
California is continuing to lead the way in the fight against climate change by becoming the first state in the[...]
Cooking Pasta In This Simple Way Would Save Billions Of Gallons Of Water
If you ever wondered how you could save water and help the environment from the comfort of your kitchen, it[...]
Rare Songbird Returns From The Brink Of Extinction Thanks To The Endangered Species Act
Anyone who says that the government cannot make a difference when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment needs[...]
Research Reveals Just 20 Fossil Fuel Companies Are To Blame For One-Third Of All Carbon Emissions
If the people of the world want to know which fossil fuel companies are the most responsible for the carbon[...]
Peruvian Company Creates Compostable Plates Made From Banana Leaves
A group of young people in Peru recently announced that they have created biodegradable dishes made of banana leaves as[...]
Bulldozers Destroy Iconic Cacti In Arizona To Make Way For Border Wall
The Trump administration is so hell-bent on building a useless and expensive wall along the southern border that it is[...]

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