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Revolutionary Artificial Leaf Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Clean Energy
For years, we've known that plants use carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to produce energy via photosynthesis. And scientists have[...]
Federal Reserve Pays Attention To The Climate Crisis For The First Time
As climate change continues to ravage our world and causes billions upon billions of dollars in property damage, the Federal[...]
Senators Form Bipartisan Caucus To Fight Climate Crisis
In a hopeful sign that Congress is about to step up and take a swing against climate change, two United[...]
New York City Public Schools Ban All Processed Meat
While most children love hot dogs and bologna sandwiches, they won't be getting them if they attend public schools in[...]
Scientists Have Ingenious Plan To Foil Black Market Demand For Rhino Horns
The plight of endangered rhinos has scientists racing against time to save them, especially from poachers who kill them for[...]
Sea Ice Loss Is Causing Deadly Virus To Spread Among Marine Animals
Marine animals not only have to deal with habitat loss caused by rising sea levels and all the pollution humans[...]

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