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Scientists Find Innovative Way To Revive Coral Reefs
A group of researchers on a mission to save vulnerable coral reefs from dying discovered an innovative way to help[...]
United Nations Warns World To Cut Greenhouse Gases Now To Avoid Disaster
As greenhouse gases continue to increase around the globe, the United Nations has released a dire warning calling for an[...]
Solar-Powered Device Turns Salt Water Into Drinking Water For Thousands In Kenya
One of the greatest challenges in many parts of the world is providing clean drinking water for people. For millions,[...]
Coldplay Seeks To Make Their Concert Tours Environmentally Friendly
In an effort to promote environmentally friendly concerts, rock band Coldplay is pushing pause on touring until concerts become more[...]
Desert Bird Population Plummets Due To Heat Stress From Global Climate Crisis
As the climate crisis gets worse each year, the effects are being felt in a place many of us choose[...]
Koalas May Be ‘Functionally Extinct’ After Fires Destroy Most Of Their Habitat
The koala population has suffered a devastating blow as wildfires continue to rage in Australia, resulting in some experts lamenting[...]

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