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European Union Parliament Declares Climate And Environmental Emergency
In response to a recent United Nations warning to immediately cut carbon emissions or else face serious climate change consequences,[...]
Brazil’s Balsonaro Desperately Accuses Leonardo DiCaprio Of Setting The Amazon Ablaze
Brazilian President Jair Balsonaro is so desperate to escape criticism over the devastating Amazon wildfires that he actually accused actor[...]
Vancouver Becomes Latest City To Ban Styrofoam Containers
In yet another win for the environment, Vancouver just became the latest city to ban the use of Styrofoam containers.[...]
South Korea Is Shutting Down Coal Plants To Reduce Air Pollution
In response to growing public demands for cleaner air, South Korea has made the decision to close a quarter of[...]
Company makes totally sustainable and recyclable sneakers
If you are a fan of sustainable fashion and want your clothes to be environmentally friendly and recyclable from a[...]
Scientists Find Innovative Way To Revive Coral Reefs
A group of researchers on a mission to save vulnerable coral reefs from dying discovered an innovative way to help[...]

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