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Cambodia returning 1,600 tons of plastic waste to the U.S. and Canada
The nation of Cambodia says it's had enough and is sick and tired of being a dumping ground for the[...]
Report says cheap food is bad for the environment and public health
Our demand for food and for lower prices has not only had a drastic negative impact on human health, but[...]
Bears and wolves to co-exist in British ancient woodland for first time in 1,000 years
For the first time since Medieval times 1,000 years ago, bears and wolves are set to occupy the same place[...]
Ice cores reveal 1,500 years of lead levels starting in Medieval times
Scientists studying a series of ice cores discovered that lead pollution was a problem even before the Industrial Revolution. Ice[...]
Scotland wind turbines double energy production in defiance of Trump’s complaining
When President Donald Trump complained about the "ugly" wind turbines off the coast of Scotland, officials could have easily abandoned[...]
Australia preparing to build the world’s largest solar farm to help power Singapore
The desert landscape in Tennant Creek, a remote part of the Northern Territory of Australia, is barren and forbidding, devoid[...]

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