10 Interesting Things You May Not Have Known About Body Wash

Body wash has become more popular than bar soap over the years. When choosing which one to use, many people just check to see if they like the scent. They do not check everything else to know if it will be good for their skin or the environment, but they should. There are also interesting facts about body wash you may not know, so we have compiled a list for you.

Body Wash Chemistry

When seeing the word “chemistry,” you may be tempted to skip this part. Instead, keep reading because this is good for you to know which body wash to use. There are typically two parts to your sudsy shower product: a lipophilic part and a hydrophilic part. The lipophilic part is fat-soluble and the hydrophilic part (as you probably guessed) is water-soluble. 

Dirt is lipophilic, meaning that it will not dissolve in just water. This is why showering with only water will not thoroughly clean you. The fatty part of your shower gel is what dissolves the dirt and lifts it from your skin. We call the combination of these two parts a surfactant. This is because the lipophilic part dissolves the dirt and the hydrophilic part washes it away. Generally, the lipophilic part comes from mineral oils or petroleum derivatives, and the hydrophilic part comes from water. 

Other Ingredients

There are other ingredients in body wash that play different parts. Companies add ingredients to give it the scent you love, preserve the shelf-life of the product, and prevent all the ingredients from separating. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are actually harmful to our bodies and the environment. In order to keep your body clean and free of harmful ingredients, look for a natural body wash.

Other Facts You Need to Know

We have covered what body wash does and the ingredients in it, so know we will discuss how to use it effectively. By following the facts below, you can make your shower gel do the work for you. It can leave your skin healthier and smoother, no matter your skin type. (Keep in mind that your skin type will determine how to use your product most effectively though.)

Always Use Moisturizer Afterward

Different body washes will advertise ingredients it contains that help moisturize your skin. They definitely can help your body stay hydrated and retain moisture, but they most likely cannot do that without more help. You should not rely solely on your body wash to treat and prevent dry skin. Instead, you should apply a moisturizing lotion or cream within the first few minutes of getting out of the shower. When drying off, pat your skin dry (do not rub), then apply your moisturizer.

Avoid Applying to the Face

If body wash is so good for your body, it should be safe to use all over your whole body, right? Actually, the answer is no. Use this product on your body and a different product on your face. This is because the skin on your face is more sensitive and more likely to have negative effects. Using a shower gel on your face can cause excessive drying, as well as breakouts. Instead, try using a gentle face cleanser or another product that will be more suited for your face.

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Choose a Product for Your Skin Type

There are four different skin types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. Each skin type requires a different routine, so it is important to pick a shower product that will work with your skin and not against it. Honestly, the best way to find the best body wash for you will be to try different ones until you find one that works.

Generally, people with dry skin will want to use a mild cleanser. Strong soaps can remove the oil from your skin that you are already lacking, and a gentle cleanser with lactic acid or glycolic acid will help you retain those natural oils. On the other hand, those with normal or oily skin will want to use an actual soap because it helps remove excess oil from the skin. People with sensitive skin will have the hardest time because different ingredients can cause different reactions. To be on the safe side though, avoid products with added fragrance or preservatives.

Do Not Use Too Much

It can be really easy to use just a bit too much body wash in the shower, but it is important to remember that a little bit goes a long way. It does not take much to cover your whole body and clean your skin. Besides, if you use too much, it takes longer to rinse all the soap off. Not only that, but you may not even get all of the soap off. This can cause dry skin. Not only that, but doing this causes you to waste more water, making your actions not good for the environment.

Perfect for Women's Skin

Using a moisturizing body wash works especially well for women. This is because, for the most part, women’s skin is more sensitive than men’s. A shower gel that provides extra moisture will help women benefit the most from it. Just do not forget to use a moisturizing cream or lotion immediately after!

Use a Washcloth or Loofah

Some people use the argument that body wash is more hygienic than bar soap. It is true that the bottle will not acquire as much bacteria as a bar of soap, but your washcloth or loofah will acquire the bacteria instead. This may leave you wanting to just use your hands to apply your soap, but this prevents you from getting a deeper clean and scrubbing off dead skin cells. You can either regularly treat your loofah to prevent bacteria or wash your washcloth after every use. This will prevent bacteria growth and give you the clean you need.

Water Temperature Matters

We all know those people (or maybe it is you) that like to take scalding showers. While it may feel nice, it is not good for your skin. Too much heat, as well as too much water, can leave you with dry skin. Instead, opt for shorter showers with only warm water. Before getting out, it is also a good idea to give your skin a blast of cool water. This closes up the pores and prevents them from getting clogged.

When to Skip the Lather

Another thing most of us love about taking showers is the bubbles. In fact, some of us feel like we are not using enough product if it doesn’t leave suds everywhere. If you have dry skin, it is best to avoid working your body wash into a lather. This is because the lather can further dry out your skin. Do not worry though because you can still enjoy all the cleansing benefits of your shower gel. Bubbles do not affect your soap’s cleansing power.


We hope that these interesting facts helped you to learn more about body wash and how to use it effectively. Remember to use a natural soap that is free of harmful chemicals and do your best to keep everything clean! It is also crucial to use a product that works well with your skin type. All of these tips will help you to have healthy and smooth skin.

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