11 Green Gifts for Gardening Inspiration for This Holiday Season

If you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you may be wondering how that translates into holiday gift-giving. You would never give present made of plastic or non-recycled goods? Take heart, because we’ve put together an incredible list of green gifts your loved ones will appreciate and are eco-friendly.

We compiled a list for you, so all you have to do is find the right gift for those on your list. Check out a few of our favorite green gifts.

Green Gifts for Gardeners

When you’re buying for gardeners, you need a gift that will meet their eco-friendly sensibilities. We’ve searched far and wide for the best gardening green gifts, so you don’t have to. Here are 11 great green gifts that will make them profusely thank you from their little green heart.

1. Grow up

Ask any gardener what their worst nightmare is, and you will likely hear that it’s a lack of space. After all, gardeners love to experiment by using crop rotation, making DIY pest preventatives from things they have in the kitchen, and growing new types of seeds every year to expand their horticultural palate. But when they run out of land, all that fun can be quickly be put on hold.

Enter the Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter. Its unique upward design allows gardeners to grow their herbs, strawberries, and other small plants vertically, saving a lot of room on the ground. The planter comes in black, hunter green, stone, and terra cotta, and its round design will allow anyone to grow an impressive number of plants in a small space.

Mr. Stacky© 5-Tier 13 inch Wide - (Stone Color)...
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2. Grow inside

Not everyone who is a gardener at heart has an outdoor space to grow their own food or herbs. And that’s where the world of hydroponics comes in. Growing food in hydroponic systems is an art, and it takes a lot of knowledge to get it right.

That’s why our next green gifts pick is an excellent step-by-step that explains the process in detail. If the crunchy gardener in your life is someone who has it in them to build their own hydroponics system, this book is just what they need to get started.

DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water” is an affordable gift that will delight your out-of-the-box gardener.

DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an...
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3. Don’t throw that away!

Ahh, the crunchy heart. After they’ve cooked a good meal and are cleaning up, they don’t just throw out the food waste as other people do. Instead, they save it all and throw it in the compost pile at the end of the day — or week. But that can present some unique challenges.

For starters, all those food scraps can cause one big stinky mess if left on the counter for too long. Also, fruit flies will appear if you don’t take the waste outdoor promptly. But making the trip to the outdoor compost pile a few times a day is no one’s idea of a good time.

And that’s where the Third Rock Compost Bin comes in. This study countertop compost bin is constructed with a dual-layer of powder-coated carbon steel and includes a charcoal filter to keep the smells inside. Using it is easy: Just throw the kitchen scraps inside and take it outside to the compost pile once it’s full.

Third Rock Kitchen Counter Compost Bin – 1.3...
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4. Mix things up

Anyone who has ever tended to a compost pile knows how difficult it can be to turn the compost so that it stays hot and produces the black gold that makes gardens thrive. That’s why we choose the FCMP Tumbling Composter as one of our green gifts that will make crunchy gardeners green with envy.

This tumbling composter holds 37 gallons of material and comes with a handy handle that allows the user to simply turn it and mix up the compost inside. And because the composter is enclosed, it prevents pests like rodents and raccoons from setting up house inside the compost pile.

The manufacturer claims you can create compost within two weeks in the right conditions.

Even better is its dual components. Because there are two chambers, it’s possible to start one section with compost and once it’s near-complete, start a new one in the second chamber. No more waiting to add compost to a near-complete pile!

Your friends and family will love this green gift. It’s BPA free, made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled polypropylene, and is UV inhibited.

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling...
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5. Start them out right

Any gardener with environmental concerns knows that all those plastic seed starting pots aren’t a good thing. But when you need to start a seed, you need something to plant it in. That’s why so many green gardeners resort to trying to fold pieces of newspaper into a make-shift pot — it doesn’t always work well.

But now there is another option. The Esschert Design Secrets du Potager Paper Pot Maker is an inventive solution to the problem. The design, which is wood, helps gardeners carefully create paper pots from old newspapers.

To use it, your friend or family member will simply use the tool to create paper pots that won’t fail. And when the seedling is ready to plant, you can place it in the ground because the newspaper will rot away. That will add those much sought after worms to the soil.

Esschert Design USA W4008 Secrets du Potager Paper...
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Speaking of garden worms…

6. Yes, they really want this

Worm farms are a green gift that most crunchy gardeners would be thrilled to receive. Good soil requires rich compost material, and worm waste is one of the best out there. But instead of waiting for worms to find a garden and begin enriching the soil, many gardeners create worm farms that do the work.

The Worm Factory is a four-tier worm farm (it’s expandable up to eight trays) that allows gardeners to collect the rich worm castings from their own yard. It comes with an accessory kit that includes bedding materials, a quick start guide, and an 80-page information book with DVD instructions. If your friend wants to grow worms for their garden, this is the perfect green gift.

If you want to really thrill them, include a packet of Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Red Wigglers to help them get started right away.

Worm Factory 360 Black US Made Composting System...
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7. Don’t get carried away

What does a gardener do when they reap a huge harvest of fruits, vegetables, and herbs? They carry it to the kitchen, of course. But some gardeners are luckier than others and are able to carry their harvest in style. That’s the focus of our next pick for our green gifts guide.

The Maine Garden Hodis an exquisitely beautiful harvest basket made from food-grade, PVC-coated wire, pine end caps, and a steam-bent solid oak handle. The harvest basket looks as natural as the food your gardener will carry in it.

And if the recipient likes their things to do double duty, the harvest basket can double as a magazine rack, toy box, or a pantry bin. Talk about good for the environment! The harvest basket is 18-inches long, 11-inches wide, and just over 6-inches deep.

Maine Garden Hod
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8. Write the right way

If your crunchy friend is a lover of words, you are going to be excited about our next pick. The Honeycomb Decomposition Book is a new take on the old composition books. This eco-friendly journal is better looking — and it’s better for the environment.

Made with 100 percent recycled paper and printed with soy ink, this journal is everything crunchy. It features a bee honeycomb on the cover and back page, and the inside consists of 80 sheets (160 pages) of college-ruled paper. The journal measures 7.5-inches by 9.9 inches and has a made in the USA stamp on it.

Michael Roger Honeycomb Decomposition Book, Yellow...
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9. Encourage them to be hands-on

When you’re digging around in the dirt, it’s nice to have breathable and flexible gloves. Better yet, those gloves would be good for the environment. That’s a win-win for the gift giver and the recipient.

These eco-friendly Bamboo Gardening Gloves by Kamojo fit the bill. The gloves are unisex and ideal for both men and women. They are a nature-friendly natural latex coating and bamboo, which decomposes once you discard them.

Compare this to typical garden gloves made from nitrite or polyurethane. Gardening gloves that can take decades to decompose in the landfill. The gloves are thicker than most and have a nonslip grip that allows gardeners to carry wet or heavy objects without risk of losing their grip.

Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men (2 pairs...
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10. Get your bee on

No matter if your gardener grows vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers, they need bees to help pollinate their crops. And one of the best green gifts you can give a gardener is a place for those bees to set up their home. That way, the garden will be full of pollinating bees that will the garden produce a bigger harvest.

The Mason Bee House by the Cestari Store is a wonderful example of eco-friendliness and usefulness in the garden.

The bee house tubes are smooth bamboo, so the bee’s wings aren’t injured when climbing in and out of the tube. And the product is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it comes from responsibly managed forests.

Mason Bee Houses and Supplies : Hand Made Bamboo...
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This bee nester is a great addition to any garden. It offers 75 different tubes of all sizes to attract various types of bees — over 140 species. And the tubes are four-inches long, so the bees will have plenty of room to lay their eggs.

Just think: You can give your crunchy friend a green gift that helps support the dwindling bee population and helps pollinate their garden!

Up the happiness factor by including a bottle of Donaldson Farms Mason Bee House Attractant. When sprayed on the bee house, it will attract beneficial bees to it, so they set up house earlier, which means the bees will get to work faster in the garden!

11. It’s a wrap

Now that you’ve seen all the green gifts you can choose from, it will be easy to make a choice that the recipient will love. But you don’t’ want to just hand them the gift, do you? No, you’ll want to wrap it up in something special.

This is where our final suggestion comes in. The and Blooms Colorful Wild Flowers by Triumph Plant is the perfect ending to our list. This unique wrapping paper contains hundreds of wildflowers seeded directly into the paper.

You can plant it in the garden for future blooms. Just imagine: Your friend can unwrap their green gifts and then plant the wrapping paper to see a display of beauty in the garden a few weeks later.

Really, it does a crunchy soul well, doesn’t it?

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Did You Find the Green Gifts for the People on Your List?

Isn’t it great to know that there are plenty of options for the people on your list who are a little on the crunchy side? Most eco-concerned people have gardens, and that means you’ll find a plethora of gifts that appeal to their natural nature.

Did we miss any green gifts that you know about? If so, please tell us about them in the comment below!

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