5 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles and Jars at Home

If you are going to dispose of glass bottles and jars, be sure you recycle them. Glass is one of the longest lasting man-made products, taking about a million years to decompose. Some cities will not accept colored glass at recycling plants, and some do not accept glass at all. Fortunately, there are so many ways to reuse your old glass, whether it be pasta sauce jars, wine bottles, or soda bottles. Here are five ideas to give you some inspiration to use glass to decorate or organize your home.

Oil Lamp

If you want to do the bare minimum, you will only need a glass bottle or jar, cork, wick, and olive oil. Use a needle to poke a hole through the middle of the cork, and pull the wick through. It only needs to be an inch above the wick. Trim the rest of the wick so it fits in the bottle. Fill the bottle with olive oil, and give the wick time to absorb the oil before lighting it.

You can add decorative rocks at the bottom if you would like. You can also add herbs like thyme, lavender, and rosemary. Citrus fruits will give it a pleasant smell as it burns.


You can use glass bottles and jars to store anything. You can use them to store herbs and spices, organize the cotton swabs and other toiletries in your bathroom, or organize your pens and office supplies on your desk. If you want the jars labeled, use chalkboard paint. You can also paint them or add ribbons and twine to decorate them to match the rest of your home.

glass bottles, glass jars, reuse glass, reduce plastic waste, green living

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Terrariums are a low-maintenance way to add plants to your home. You can use any glass jar (with or without a lid). Layer the jar with pebbles, activated charcoal, and soil. Air plants, nerve plants, and succulents are excellent choices for terrariums. They rarely need watering, but monitor them to make sure they are not parched. If your terrarium has a lid and water is running down the sides, open the lid for a little while to let some evaporate.

glass bottles, glass jars, reuse glass, reduce plastic waste, green living

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Glass bottles make great candlesticks and they can be decorated any way you want. You can paint them to match your home decor, or you can add some dried plants in the bottle to keep a natural look.

Plant Pot

You can also use your glass jars as a pot for your houseplants. Once again, you can decorate the glass however you want. Be careful not to water your plant too much though because there is not a way for excess water to drain like other pots. Too much water can cause the roots to rot. It may take some time before you notice how much water your plant needs.

Glass Bottles and Jars Reduce Plastic Waste

Not only does glass make a great decoration in the home, but it also reduces plastic waste. Instead of tossing your old glass, you can use them for years instead of buying plastic containers that are often thrown out. When you are finished with your glass, see if anyone else wants them before you take them to a recycling plant.

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