7 of the Best Green Business Ideas for Environmentally-Minded Entrepreneurs

With so many people becoming environmentally conscious and demanding that businesses show environmental friendliness, it’s hard to ignore green businesses as new entrepreneurial ventures. A “green” business’s aim is to achieve a positive impact on the environment and community. Its goal is to develop and practice business strategies that show commitment to a healthy and sustainable future. As more consumers challenge companies to behave in a more responsible environmental-minded manner, it becomes more common that businesses take these demands to heart and implement greener strategies in their practices. Nevertheless, what if you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a business these days? There are plenty of green business ideas that can bring you nice revenues, appeal to a growing market segment, and help you save the environment. Let’s see 7 of them right now!

1. Green Finance

In comparison to the traditional businesses in finance, green finance is preoccupied with the idea of social profit, education, sustainability, and healthy living. Without putting the concept of profit in the last position of your priorities, green finance aims to support beneficial projects. These provide value to the local community and ecology. Many traditional lenders, for instance, ignore eco projects, which need funding, so you can step in. Funding a community garden, for instance, is one of the activities you can consider. Funding local sustainable agricultural projects, farmers’ markets, or other entrepreneurs wanting to go green with their businesses are also suggestions.

2. Innovative Gardening

Speaking of veritable green business ideas, one of the fastest growing businesses is the landscape/gardening one. There are two options. One is to go large scale from the beginning and consider offering organic lawn care and landscaping to homeowners. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you can choose to begin on a smaller scale and focus on garden packs. These are small collections of trays, pots, seeds, and gardening tools. They can be easily used by people who want to fit a green garden in their small homes or balconies. The idea behind such business is that people want to eat fresh herbs, condiments, and even vegetables, but do not have the know-how or experience to set a small garden in their kitchen. This is where you come in. In part consultancy and in part commerce, your garden packs and kits may give your business the wings it needs to go large-scale and start building rooftop garden installations.

3. Exercise, Get There

Enough transportation-related pollution in this world makes us all wonder and try to find alternatives. Why would you not help people get from one way to the next in a fun manner, helping them exercise and stay in shape? Open a bike shop, selling bicycles, tricycles, and scooters. If you think such shop needs plenty of investments, then go smaller in the beginning. A green, friendly repair shop will mean a lot to those who are passionate riders. You can also host a used-bikes corner for people to be able to buy cheaper bikes or swap bikes even.

4. Green Cleaning

You surely know plenty of cleaning companies using professional and industrial-grade cleaning products. Why don’t you spin the idea off, and offer eco and organic cleaning services for corporate and residential customers using eco-friendly cleaning products? This does not belong in the new green business ideas category, but we definitely need more of them. Either collaborate with some certified and established eco-cleaning products brands (helping them expand their business as well in the process), or build a big enterprise. This could be focused on the manufacturing and distribution of eco-friendly cleaning products to other cleaning companies or individual clients.

5. Compost Making

Compost is nature’s way of telling us that nothing should be wasted, but everything should be transformed. It is also one of the best organic fertilizers. Compost can turn lawns into true patches of paradise and vegetable crops into bountiful sources of fresh food. The problem with compost is that homeowners and gardeners face a few issues when it comes to making their own compost. They do not have enough space to build a proper compost pile, they resent the idea altogether because the smell, or they do not know how to make compost correctly.

You can meet all these needs and more if you have enough outdoor space and aren’t afraid to get a bit dirty (or if you want to make the best of use of Bokashi composting techniques). Why not even turn the idea into a strong business? Collect organic and vegetal scraps and leftovers from residents and landscape companies. Then, make the compost and deliver it for all those who want lusher lawns and more bountiful vegetable/fruit gardens.

6. Upcycling Furniture

With more and more people wanting vintage and refurbished furniture, it would be a pity to skip such opportunity. If you are the creative and talented type and have a love for DIY projects, painting, and so on, you can start a business. Try upcycling old furniture pieces or build new pieces out of pallets. There is quite a vast market for upcycled furniture and especially for pallet furniture. You will thus help the environment and the environmental-aware clients who want something truly special in their homes.

7. “Green” Event Planning

When it comes to event planning, you can only do so much regarding the “green” side of things. However, you can definitely go green with the food and decorations of events. You can organize celebrations, weddings, parties, and other types of events to win a market that is environmentally friendly. If the twist of your event planning is getting into contact with local farmers and organic food growers, you’ve already made a name for yourself. If you also throw in eco-friendly party venue decorations, there will be no stopping you. All you have to do is make the right connections and let everyone understand that a party can produce too much waste to be ignored.

In Conclusion…

These were our seven green business ideas for you to think about. Depending on your budget and business strategy, a green entrepreneurial project can start small or big. However, a green start-up will always be welcomed and it will draw peoples’ attention right away. We need more and more of such businesses. You can become a part of a larger movement that promotes education, healthy lifestyles, awareness, advocacy, and sustainability for future generations. Do you have other similar green business ideas that can get their wings fast? If you do, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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