7 DIY Wood Pallet Ideas That Are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Make

Wood pallets are plentiful, handy, and practical, but once you stop using them, they risk becoming waste. However, we are encouraging DIY projects that include the reuse and repurpose of all types of materials. Wood pallets have no equal, as they are versatile enough to become a great number of new and amazing useful objects. We even included them in our favorite green business ideas for environmentally aware entrepreneurs, as wood pallets are the bread and butter of eco furniture projects. You can do many things with pallets in an easy and eco-friendly way. Today we want to offer you 7 DIY wood pallet ideas for you to try.

1. Bookshelves for Your Home or Garden

Bookshelves for Your Home or Garden diy wood pallet ideas

The beauty of pallets is that you can turn them into almost anything with very little effort. If you want a nice bookcase with floating shelves for your home or your garden relaxation nook, wood pallets will not disappoint.

All you need is some nails, wood glue, sandpaper and a plan. You can turn most DIY wood pallet ideas into reality over the weekend, and bookshelves are probably the easiest project, to begin with, to get the hang of it.

2. Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs diy wood pallet ideas

One of our favorite DIY wood pallet ideas is colored garden chairs for children and adults to enjoy. Make sure you cut the pallets in equal sizes. Since they are chairs, sanding the wood is essential. Once the surfaces are all smooth and free of splinters, paint the chairs in all different colors.

For a touch of comfort, add flat chair cushions to the chairs, as their hardness can become a bit of a nuisance. They make the perfect addition to your summer nook of family fun in the backyard.

3. Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet diy wood pallet ideas

If one of your bathrooms needs some revamping, wood pallets can come in handy. A wall cabinet with floating shelves and towel hanger may be exactly what you need to turn your bathroom into a small work of art with a rustic flair. Make sure you measure and cut according to a plan and get the exact size you want.

Sandpaper and lacquer are your best allies in this project if you want to keep the wood finish and the rustic vintage look. Of course, you can take a step further and paint the cabinet in the color that best matches the chromatic scheme of your bathroom. A metal rod for the towels (aged bronze or copper for authentic vintage, stainless steel for contemporary looks) will complete the look of the shelves and cabinet.

4. Pallet Coat and Shoes Rack

Pallet Coat and Shoes Rack diy wood pallet ideas

Say you have a small apartment hallway or you need to make the best out of a small space in your house. Storing clothes and shoes in small spaces has always been a problem, especially without ready-made racks that perfectly fit in those areas. You should not worry, however, as wood pallets will always be your friends.

You can easily use wood pallets to turn them into a coat rack and a shoe rack, respectively. As we said above, use fine sandpaper and natural lacquer for an authentic wood finish, or paint to match the apartment’s color scheme. Stack pallets with nails and glue to make the shoes rack after you chose its width. The magic and beauty of this DIY project are that it will take little of your time and can work great inside or outside the house.

5. Coffee or Dinner Table

Coffee or Dinner Table diy wood pallet ideas

You can turn pallets into small coffee tables for the living room or large dinner tables for the dining room, kitchen, or outdoor patio. You either can stack pallets to obtain some magazines or bookshelves under the table, or create a table with one surface, legs, and space underneath.

For a rustic, natural, and vintage look, pick darker shades of pallets and treat them with sanding and lacquer. For a colored, amusing, and fun table for your garden parties or the kids’ corner, paint the pallet table a color. Make sure you pick a paint that resists the elements in case you build one for the outdoor space.

6. Personal Desk

Personal Desk diy wood pallet ideas

Is there any space in your apartment or house that needs “something” and you don’t know what yet? Do you need your personal working space but can’t seem to find the proper spot to install a ready-made desk? Put the two of them together and grab some wooden pallets. You are about to build your own working or entertainment station!

As you can see, all you need is a pallet and some imagination. Beyond that, nails, glue, paint, and some solid wooden boards make your entire inventory for this project. Pick a comfortable chair, and you have your own nook that utilizes to the max a corner or niche of your home.

7. Decorative Wall Lamp

Decorative Wall Lamp wood pallet ideas

For our last DIY wood pallet idea, we take a step out of our comfortable, rustic zone, and enter a more contemporary, abstract one. Repurposed wood is not anybody’s choice when it comes to chic, urban-contemporary, postmodern home design, but we beg to differ.

This construction proves that wood pallets are the most versatile and adaptable green materials to build with. For this wooden wall lamp and room separator project, you need to have some carpentry skills. This will allow you to cut the pallets correctly and add sources of light.

To go full green with this project, add LED lamps on the interior of the wooden wall lamp to save some energy.

Wrapping Up

These were just a few DIY wood pallet ideas. As you can easily figure out, there are many more out there, you just need to know where to look. Wood pallets make some of the easiest and greenest building materials out there. If you are into recycling wood, cardboard, aluminum, and other items, make sure to come back here again, as we often present you with such lovely ideas and designs!

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