7 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas (that You Can Make Yourself)

Finding the perfect gift can be a real struggle on any occasion. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, your anniversary, or Christmas is on its way, you may need some inspiration for the gifts. As such, choosing something that you made yourself can have a higher importance than the material value of the item. For this reason, today we are going to offer you some eco-friendly gift ideas that you can make yourself. Be ready to get inspired!

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Vanilla Sugar

If you know your friend has a sweet tooth, it’s a good idea to give them something sugary for their birthday. One such example is a vanilla sugar jar. It’s a perfect idea for whoever loves coffee, tea, or even cakes and cookies. All you need is a mason jar, sugar, and vanilla. Depending on your (or your friend’s) taste, you can go for brown, powdered, or confectioners sugar. A good alternative is to use a sweetener.

You just need to get a sharp knife and scrape the knife across the bean. In this way, you will get the vanilla flecks off. Then, place the beans in the jar, cover them with sugar and mix them together. Leave the jar for two weeks if you want to enjoy its full flavor. Add a cute ribbon to the jar and, voila! You have one of the best eco-friendly gift ideas. The best thing is that they can always recycle the jar.

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Wheatgrass Centerpieces

Usually, the DIY centerpieces are dedicated to weddings or holidays. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and gift one to your friends or spouse. Wheatgrass is an excellent option because it grows easily. Moreover, you don’t need to spend lots of money.

You must choose some pretty containers for it. Add the grass seeds and the wheatgrass. You should be able to find them in any health food store or even online. Fill the container with good soil. If you choose to add some flowers, use flower tubes, flower preservative and some that are freshly cut. Alternatively, you can include silk flowers. Just like above, add a ribbon, and you’re ready to go.

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

The hands are, usually, the most used parts of the body. You use them to clean, cook, play, read, and basically any conduct any activity. There is more than just one reason for why you need to take proper care of them as well. If you need to make a gift to a dear person in your life, a lemon sugar hand scrub can be a great idea.

You just need to get a 12 oz. mason jar, which you need to fill with the mixture. Mix 1 cup olive oil (extra virgin) with 2 ½ cups of sugar. Add 4 tbsp. lemon juice and some other essential oils if you want. Blend them well and pour the mix into the jar. The right packaging can make it a great gift: simply choose some brown paper and colored ribbons.

Rustic Twig Frame

Photos frames are always a good suggestion for gifts, and especially so if you’re looking for eco-friendly gift ideas. You can make your own by using some twigs and organza ribbons. Tie the twig bunches together with some thread. Then, use the ribbons to wrap the corners. The contrast will make for a nice gift.

Next, you will need to glue more ribbon to the back of the frame. Then, use double-sided tape to add a picture to it. A black and white photo will fit this special frame better, but you can test your creativity. If you feel that it’s not enough, you can always play around with more frames for an unforgettable gift.

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Dried Flower and Herbal Sachets

If you’ve been checking out the stores for a gift recently, you may have noticed dried flower and herbal sachets are very popular. They’re a good fit for anyone who loves nature and wishes to keep a fresh air in their homes. If you know the person well enough, you can even choose their favorite flowers to add to the sachets.

There are lots of ready-made mesh bags available in stores. Buy ones in different colors and fill them up with dried flowers and herbs. The combinations are entirely up to you! Even though this project is an easy one, it would be a good idea to know a thing or two about the right time to harvest and dry the plants. In this way, you can preserve their fragrance for a long while.

sachet tied with a string with lavender attached to it and a wooden heart behind

Felt Magnets

For those who love magnets, crafting felt ones by themselves is one of the best eco-friendly gift ideas they could offer. First, you will need to get some beautiful felt. If you know the birthday person’s favorite color, go for it. Wool felt is preferred, but if you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to test your creativity. Use some embroidery floss and decide on some patterns.

For the magnetic part, you can use business card magnets from the local office supply or craft store. Peel off the back and then use it as a template for the felt. Cut the rectangle out and then stitch whatever you want on it. Then, line up the felt creation and stick it. You can also write something, add ribbons, colored paper, etc.

Newspaper Baskets

This idea is perfect for people who love hand-crafted items. If you have several newspapers lying around, it’s even better. Cut the folded edges off some sections of the newspaper and then cut them in half on the length. For a basket, you will need around 20 pages (40 strips). Fold the newspapers in half lengthwise, then again into quarters, then into eighths. This will ensure you have some sturdy strips. Naturally, you can choose whatever size you want.

Then, you just need to weave them from the center outward. Use double-sided tape or glue dots to secure them. When you’re done, fold the strips upward. They should form a 90-degree angle to form the sides. Weave in more horizontal strips and secure the ends as you go. When you get to the top, fold the vertical ones over to the inside. You can either cut them off or secure them. If you don’t like the final aspect, you can also use other decorations: paper, flowers, etc.

Summing Up

These are just seven of the best eco-friendly gift ideas you can use for the next time a birthday catches you unprepared. Let your imagination run free and save some money, while also protecting the environment. You can’t miss the shot of saving up on wrappings, paper, or other materials by recycling.

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