Who Are We?

This is is here to write and inform the world about everything green. We support the move to renewable energy as well as a reduction if fossil fuel emissions. 

This site is a combination of aggregated news stories and informative articles to help people better understand their impact on our planet. 

We hope you enjoy our website and support a green Earth! This is our only planet after all!

craig scott wedding

 Craig Scott 



I love to spend all the time I can outdoors and find every excuse to leave my house. I write about everything about our planet and I edit even more of it. I hope you'll join me in making the Earth a cleaner and greener place!

that's me

Nate Maurer



From a young age, I've always enjoyed being around nature. That's why conserving the environment is so important to me. I pick topics for the site that are key to protecting our earth and living a green lifestyle. 

William E. Eubanks



I am one of the main writers on the site; mostly dealing with environmental news and ways to live green. My goal is to educate others about this great planet, and the ways we can help to protect it. 

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