Adidas Sold 1 Million Environmentally Friendly Shoes Last Year

Last year, Adidas launched environmentally friendly shoes made almost entirely of plastic found in the oceans. Their campaign, Run for the Oceans, brought awareness to plastic pollution and how it affects ecosystems. They sold one million pairs of the upcycled plastic shoes last year, and are continuing to collaborate with Parley for the Oceans. This year, they hope to sell five million.

Who is Parley for the Oceans?

Parley for the Oceans consists of people who want to spread awareness of the fragility of our ocean’s ecosystems. They instigate collaborations between different companies to bring together the Earth’s economic systems and ecosystems. These collaborations give consumers the opportunity to choose environmentally friendly options and make a difference. There are countless companies and brands that do not offer alternatives, but once they put environmentally friendly options on the market (with great marketing so they are seen), the public will likely choose them.

Parley for the Oceans has also partnered with American Express, Soma water bottles, and Intel.

More About the Shoes

Adidas created their UltraBoost shoes with plastic found in the ocean. In each pair, they use about 11 plastic bottles, which they incorporated in the laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers. The ocean and their desire to protect it inspired the sleek design, but they still performed at the ability Adidas shoes are known for.

Mathias Amm, Product Category Director of Adidas Running, said, “As a global brand we have the responsibility to help change the world for the better.” The company hopes that their success and determination will inspire other companies, especially health and fitness companies, to follow suit. With more competition for upcycled plastic products, they will remove more plastic from the oceans. This could be another way we reduce and reuse our plastic products.

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The Environmentally Friendly Products Continue

Back in March, Adidas held a celebration for basketball in Los Angeles, California. The event brought several other creators, as well as crowds of people, together to see the beauty and fragility of our oceans and see ways they can help. There was even an on-site recycling machine that the visitors could use to create keychains from plastic products. This event helped visitors to see new environmentally friendly products, and they were able to share their reasoning for wanting to protect the oceans.

Adidas will continue to sell their UltraBoost upcycled plastic shoes.

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Additionally, if you would like to see some other environmentally friendly products, check out the list here.

Image Source: CNBC

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