Amazon Brand Mama Bear Organic Baby Food Pouch, Stage 2 Review

The Mama Bear Organic Baby Food looks to be a really great baby food. IT comes with many great reviews, and a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. Not to mention it is also an Amazon Brand product. So let's take a closer look and see how this Amazon Brand baby food stacks up to some of the others out there. 

Best Fea​tures

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    USDA Organic
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    No Artificial Colors or Flavors
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    Gluten Free
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    Amazon Brand

Item Specifics

The Mama Bear Organic Baby Food is a stage 2 food, which is made for children of 6 months and up. Here, the baby food will be thicker and may feature small and soft pieces of food. Since babies at this age still do not have many teeth, the pieces of food will be soft enough for them to chew with their gums, but still substantial for their appetite. Now, these pieces of food will still be sparse, as the real chunks are yet to come. It is also a good idea at this stage to start mixing different foods together, like pureed meats and vegetables, or vegetables and fruits. In addition, at this age, it is also safe to allow them mashed, fresh fruits, like bananas.

As for the serving sizes for stage two, it is recommended that you start with a teaspoon or two of each food and increase the portions to a quarter cup to a half cup of food, twice a day. However, it is also important not to overfeed your kid. Look for signs from your baby that they are full. For example, if they turn their head away from the spoon after a few spoonfuls, do not force more. 

In terms of the container, Mama Bear Organic baby food comes in pouches. Pouches, while convenient, are not the best choice because they tend not to be recyclable and are not reusable. In addition, it is difficult to detect any mold or contamination in the food, as you can not see through the pouch itself, like you can glass jars. While you can reseal the pouch, that is pretty much the end of its re usability. However, there have not been any complaints about the pouch for this brand, so there's that. 

The food is certified organic by the USDA, and they feature the seal on each pouch. This means that the ingredients will have been grown without any pesticides or insecticides, as well as no GMOs. In addition, there are no artificial colors or flavors in this food. The pouches also contain 4 ounces of baby food. 


In terms of features, there are a few that you can take advantage of with Mama Bear Organic baby food. If certified organic isn't enough for you, there is more to look forward to. This baby food is also certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, as well as gluten free, for those living that lifestyle. There is also no added salt or sugars, which is really great. Excess salt is definitely not good, plus salt is a learned taste. This means that exposing your kid to a lot of salt early on means they will want more as the years go on. In addition, a lot of salt in developing kidneys is a recipe for disaster. 

The ingredients are all made from organic variants of the fruits and veggies. The only thing that is not organic is the absorbic acid, which is added to maintain the color. As fort the nutritional value of this food, it is pretty great. It contains 60 total calories, 0% total fat including trans and saturated, 0 mg of cholesterol, 14 grams of carbs with 2 grams of dietary fiber and 8 grams of total sugars, and 1 gram of protein. With this baby food, your baby will be getting 4% of the daily value of calcium and 20% of potassium. With this brand, you are also getting a lot of one type of baby food for a relatively inexpensive price. This pack includes 12, 4 ounce pouches of the Mango, Apple, Carrot, Peach Stage 2 recipe. 

About This Company

Mama Bear was created by a mother who only wanted to keep her own child happy, healthy and nourished. The owner, Chelsea Thiede, has a BS in Food Sceince and a MS in Food Safety and Law from Michigan State University. All of their ingredients used in their food is certified organic, or in terms of their seafood, wild caught. This includes produce, spices, proteins, and dairy. 

All of their products are sold through Amazon, as they are an Amazon brand. In terms of their stage 2 meals, the flavors are widely varried, including 12 different options for you to choose from. Many of these options include combinations of fruits and veggies. Their other products include diapers, as well as promotional clothing items, for the Mama bear in all of us. 


Mama Bear Organic Baby Food is certified organic by the USDA. In addition, this baby food is also Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union, as well as gluten free. It contains no added or artificial flavors, colors, or sugars, no GMOs, and no pesticides.

It comes in a convenient pouch that makes for quick and easy feeding. In addition, the ingredients are all natural and organic, as well as have a great nutritional value. 

While the main pouch is not reusable or recyclable, the cap is made from BPA free, recyclable plastic. The pouch itself is made with less plastic, which lowers its environmental footprint. 


While the pouch does have a lower environmental footprint, we still highly recommend glass jars over any pouch. Pouches are more prone to the development of mold, and it is much harder to detect that mold unless you cut the pouch open. 

Even though the ingredients are all organic and the nutritional value is great, it is still a better idea to feed your baby plain veggies instead of veggies combined with fruits. This teaches them to like veggies for their taste instead of teaching them that veggies are only good when sweetened with fruits. 

Final Thoughts:

The mold in pouches is an issues that Mama Bear Organic Baby Food does not seem to have. Among the critical reviews of this product, there are no complaints about mold in the food. In fact, for the most part the complaints revolved around the taste of the food, not the quality. Many saying that the taste was a bit bitter, though there is no way of knowing what recipe they got. Other issues people had were with the consistency, saying the food was too watery. This could be due to some separation that may have occurred in the pouch, but again the commentators do not go into a whole lot of detail.  

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Baby Food Pouch, Stage 2, best organic baby food


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    Organic certified ingredients
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    Low eco-footprint of pouches and recyclable cap


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    Pouches are not reusable or recyclable
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    Many recipes include fruits combined with veggies

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Baby Food Conclusion

Overall, Mama Bear Organic Baby Food seems to be a great brand. While combining veggies with fruits is not the best idea, the nutritional value for their food is great. If you want to try this brand out for yourself, you can find a 12 pack of 4 ounce pouches for $14.96. For any other information, including the best organic baby food, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Baby Food Pouch, Stage 2.

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    Is the packaging BPA free? Yes, the pouches are free of BPA, and the caps are recyclable.
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    What certifications does this food have? USDA certified organic, Kosher by Orthodox Union, Non-GMO.

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