Awesome Gift Ideas to Get for Your Health-Conscious Friend

We all have a health-conscious friend in our lives. Whether they’re a diet-guru, fitness lover or an overtly health-conscious individual. These can be some of the hardest people to buy Christmas gifts for. But freight no longer, we have put together a list of the top 14 gifts that any health-conscious friend will love.

Top 14 Gifts for Your Health-Conscious Friend


Who doesn’t love fresh sprouts and microgreens — especially in a salad? But buying such fancy veggies can get expensive, whereas growing your own is actually much easier than it sounds. Give your loved one this ultimate starter kit, which comes with eight different seed packs, super-soil, and a nutrient solution. All they need to do is add water. About $40 on Amazon.


Have a vegan in your life? Or maybe just somebody who’s lactose intolerant? Buying nut milks can weigh down the wallet, which is why we love this DIY nut milk bag. Although it’s certainly a bit more work to make it yourself, this bag strains all the stuff you don’t need and gives you the freshest milk possible. Make it a super gift by pairing the bag with a cute milk bottle filled with fresh almonds or cashews. About $13 on Amazon.


Even the health-conscious love grazing on delicious snacks. But as most vegans know, coming across snacks that are healthy and animal-friendly can be tricky. Vegan Cuts helps facilitate that process with a monthly subscription box packed full of goodies like bars and quinoa puffs. This thing sounds so good you may want to go ahead and order one for yourself, too. About $32 from Vegan Cuts.


If you have someone in your life who loves to work out, odds are they have some pretty sore muscles. Sure, you could gift them with an old-fashioned back rub, but if that’s not quite in the budget, a foam roller will do the trick. This heavy-duty version features special edges to relieve tension on all of the pressure points, helping muscles to recover in no time. About $31 from Walmart.


The ultimate kitchen tool for the healthy frame of mind, this machine not only creates beautiful zucchini noodles in a snap, but it can also spiralize a slew of veggies from potatoes and carrots to parsnips and beets. It’s basically the ultimate salad game-changer and a must in any healthy person’s kitchen. $25 on Amazon.


Give the gift of acupuncture with this at-home mat and pillow combo designed to relieve tension, stress and even headaches. The user lays down on the bed of “needles” for 10 to 30 minutes a day to help sort their body out. It’s a great addition to any meditation routine. Roughly $25 on Amazon.


Know someone who works out while dancing? The latest workout program from fitness superstar Autumn Calabrese is guaranteed to get you sweating while having tons of fun. Comes with several workout containers, “portion control” containers and an eating plan. About $100 from Amazon.


This reader is simple to use but gives you a whole set of health data, including your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation level), your pulse rate and pulse strength, in under 10 seconds. Perfect for any mountain climbers, cyclists or skiers on your list. About $36 from Amazon.


They say swimming is the ultimate exercise, but it can get so darn boring without proper tunes to keep you motivated. That’s why this waterproof mp3 player and headphone set makes the perfect gift – now your favorite swimmer can workout in the water until they’re nice and pruney. About $43 on Amazon.


Essential oils are making a comeback in a pretty big way. With a plethora of health benefits and natural healing properties, oils are becoming a staple in healthy homes across the country. Of course, having a pretty diffuser to help reap all of those health benefits is an added bonus. Roughly $60 from Amazon.


There are about a zillion health and fitness apps out there, but there’s something to be said about keeping track of your fitness the good old-fashioned way: on paper. The Fitbook doesn’t just let you write down your workouts and eating habits though; the 12-week layout allows you to plan everything out with ease and provides plenty of inspirational quotes along the way. This will run you about $28 on Amazon.


Iron can be hard to come by, and not everyone loves eating handfuls of spinach or red meat. “Luckily,” there’s another way to add iron to your cooking–via this lucky iron fish. Just drop the product into soup, rice, oatmeal and more to add extra iron to your food. An all-natural product, the fish is good for up to five years and is safe and easy to use. $30 on Amazon.


Canadian winters can suck, but that doesn’t mean we have to be cooped up inside all season long. Add extra traction to any boots or shoes with these Canadian-make Yaktrax, and avoid slips and falls on your next pretty winter hike. $34 on


This fermented, sugary tea is said to be loaded with tons of health benefits, but it can be so darned expensive to buy and drink on the daily. Save your health nut a few extra dollars with this kit, which allows them to brew the drink at home thanks to simple directions and measured ingredients. This runs about $45 on Amazon.


Christmas shopping for your health-conscious friend can be extremely challenging and frustrating. But not this year, with the help of this guide you will at least have a few good ideas to start with this holiday season. And if your wallet doesn’t allow you to buy any of the ideas listed above, time is always a great gift. Consider participating in something that your health-conscious friend loves. Time can be one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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