Beard Maintenance Tips for You to Follow

Have you ever seen a beard and wondered why their beard is so great and yours grows in like a patchy lawn during an Arizona dry spell. The truth is that their beard probably is a combination of their natural ability to grow facial hair, but they also took care of their beard and pampered their face so that their beard could grow and flourish. So how can you grow the beard that you have envied? Hopefully, some of the tips I outline will be able to get you started on that long road of beard maintenance. 

Beard Maintenance

When it comes to beard maintenance, there are a few essential things you need to do to make your beard dreams come true. Using beard oils, beard balms, and brushing your beard help you produce natural oils and spread them throughout your beard. Keeping your beard clean and soft makes it so much more manageable. Having a proper beard maintenance routine is important because patience will be vital to growing the right beard. 

Beard Oil

Using different oils on your beard can really change the way it feels because the oils can change how your face produces its own oils. This is vital because as you wash your beard, it strips away your natural hydrating oils. Beard oil can is essential to your beard maintenance. Beard oils are developed as leave in conditioners to stimulate natural oils for your beard and hair.  

When it comes to beard oils, they should be as natural as possible. If there are silicones in your beard oils, they can coat your beard. That makes it impossible for them to absorb the natural oils. This prevents the hair from getting nutrients as well and it becomes brittle over time. The best beard oils are both nourishing to your beard hair and your skin. 

Applying your beard oil is pretty easy. Do it while your pores are open right after a warm shower. The oil will soak into your hair follicles and hydrate your hair. Make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet, however. And just a few drops will do. For an average beard, you will only need around 3-4 drops. 

Beard Balm

Beard balm can also be a great tool for beard maintenance and styling. There are some beard balms that are purely to help style your beard and some that serve a similar purpose to beard oil. The biggest difference between moisturizing beard balm and beard oil is the consistency. It can be used the same way as beard oil, but any excess you may have you can put on your hair or skin like conditioner or lotion. Beard balms are extremely helpful when it comes to shaping your beard once it gets longer than a half inch. 

Washing Your Beard

The hair that grows on your face is different than the hair that grows anywhere else on your body. I hope you have noticed that. Because of the difference, it requires different care. When it comes to washing your beard, you shouldn’t be doing it every day. Two or three times a week is plenty, especially if you are following good beard maintenance practices. Also, the shampoo you use on your head probably isn’t good for your beard. Standard shampoos are full of harsh chemicals that dry out beards a lot and make them brittle and dries out the skin underneath. A beard shampoo should be natural and hydrating. Avoid harsh chemicals that can wreck your beard. Check out this article to learn about the best organic shampoo ingredients to use. 

Beard Care Tools

No man should be caught without a set of tools when he needs them. The same goes for your beard maintenance tools. You'll definitely need a comb, a brush, and a hair dryer. Brushing and combing your beard is essential for a stylish beard. Beards tend to grow wildly without proper time investments, and like normal hair, are trained by the way they are styled. 

Beard Comb

To keep your beard in check and looking stylish, you will need a comb. They are essential for beard maintenance.  Try to use a comb that has smooth, well-rounded teeth. That will prevent your comb from catching and breaking your hairs. The comb Should have varying sizes of teeth and teeth gaps. The larger side is for your beard, while the finer side is better for your moustache. The comb is one of the most important things to have and will be used from everything to drying your beard to styling it. 

When combing your beard, the best practice is to start by combing your beard out from your face with the teeth pointed out. This separates the hairs. Then you comb your beard from the bottom and work your way up. This prevents knotting and snagging and helps simplify your beard maintenance. After you have combed your beard out, use your comb to shape and style it how you want!

Beard Brushes

Brushing your beard is much less regular than combing your beard. However, it is still a necessary part of beard maintenance. Brushing your beard helps get all the junk out of your beard. Dead skin, dirt, and buildup naturally just get stuck in your facial hair. A brush breaks up that junk and helps remove it from your face. Don’t be too rigorous or it will damage your beard. One of the most important reasons to start brushing your beard early is to train the hair of your beard to go the direction you want! Just be careful brushing your short beard because you can damage your face and hair. 

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If you follow the above tips, styling will be an easy part of your beard maintenance. The process is pretty simple. When drying your beard, comb through it slowly to affect the direction it is going, and use a hair dryer to dry it and control the direction your hair lays. A hair dryer can help remove the unwanted curls in your beard. After you have done the above steps, apply a beard balm made for styling to your beard. Rub it down the base of your beard and work it in nicely. Once again, don’t be too rough with your face. Then use your comb to style and shape your beard as desired. 

The Moustache

The final part to that rocking beard is getting the moustache right. If your moustache is dirty or too long, then it can make your whole beard look bad. 

A good moustache wax can make your moustache go from droopy and sad to refined and appealing. Take a small amount of moustache wax in-between your thumb and forefinger and rub it together until it becomes malleable. Then apply from the center of your moustache outwards to the tips. Shape it so that the hairs are away from your mouth so you can effectively use it without your moustache getting in the way. 


Growing a natural looking beard is possible! It takes time and patience, but most of all, proper beard maintenance. Hopefully, some of the tips outlined above helped you out and gave you ideas on what you may have been doing wrong! If you have thought beards are cool, but not for you, maybe it is time that you give it a shot! 

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