4 Benefits of Collecting Rainwater and Other Facts You Need to Know

People have varying thoughts when it comes to rain. Some find it annoying, some are grateful it waters their crops, and some like to run around in it. (Did you ever jump on a trampoline in the rain as a kid? Those were some great memories!) But have you ever looked at the rain and thought about the money it could save you? That is exactly what it can do if you collect rainwater. Using it to water your lawn and garden, wash your car, or even drink can save you money on your utilities every month.

Contact Your Local Authorities First

Before you set up your barrel and try to collect as much rain as you can, make sure the practice is legal in your state. Some states strictly prohibit collecting rainwater and some have no restrictions at all. Some states have regulations for the equipment you can use, and some allow the water to only be used for non-drinking purposes. Contact your local authorities so you know what is and is not allowed. Ignorance will not get you out of trouble.

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The Benefits of Collecting Rainwater

There are so many benefits to collecting rainwater. It is provided to us by nature, so we should use it to its fullest.

Rainwater is free: It is a natural part of the water cycle. No matter how we use it, the cycle of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation will continue. This also means that you do not have to pay for it. You can save money on utilities throughout the year just by collecting water.

It is sustainable and responsible: Collecting rainwater shows that you are environmentally responsible and want to be self-sufficient. You will not have to rely on others as much, though it really depends on how much rain your area receives per year. Some areas may give you enough water to cover all of your water needs.

It prevents drainage issues and erosion: One way of collecting is draining the water straight from your roof (whether it be your house, barn, or other structure) into the barrel. This prevents water from seeping into areas it should not be, like your basement. It can also prevent too much water from gathering and eroding your precious topsoil.

It keeps you safe in emergencies: There have been times where cities have told citizens to abstain from drinking tap water because it is not safe or workers are fixing pipes. Collecting rainwater is a great backup in case you really need water, whether it be for washing, watering, or drinking.

Keep it Safe

If your state allows collecting rainwater for drinking purposes, do not drink it straight from the barrel. There can be different debris and bacteria in the water that can make you sick. Make sure your collection system has filters to make it as safe as possible. Even still, the water may require extra filtration, boiling, or chlorinating before it is safe to drink.

You will also need to keep your system safe. Install lids that will prevent children and animals from drowning. Make sure the ground it sits on is stable and unable to tip over, and make sure your collection system and drainage system are free of chemicals.


There are several great reasons to collect rainwater. It can take care of most, if not all, of your water needs. Remember to make sure it is legal in your area though, and keep your system safe. If you are interested in making your own collection system, look at these DIY projects.

Image Source: Pixabay

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