Warming Up with the Best Energy Efficient Heaters

We all dream of cuddling in front of an open fireplace when it comes to the chilly days of winter, but that can be pretty expensive and not very practical. Thankfully, energy efficient heaters have swooped in, allowing us to choose the best way to get warmed up through the cold season.

You don’t have to rely on space heaters to warm up the entire home. In most cases, people use them to heat only one room or when the heating is inadequate in particular parts of the house. Because they are portable, you can move them wherever you want, be it in the bedroom, garage, or living room.

So, which energy efficient heaters are the best for you and how can you avoid overheating your entire home this winter?

Types of space heaters

1. Wood fired heaters

  • Not recommended
  • Highly inefficient – up to 90 percent of heat escapes through the chimney
  • Create air pollution

2. Gas heaters

  • Somewhat recommended
  • Can be unsuitable due to the necessity of outside ventilation
  • The flame effect gas heaters (which are often decorative) can use a lot of gas and not effectively heat the space

3. Energy efficient electric heaters

  • Cheap to buy but running them for extensive periods could get expensive
  • Perfect for smaller rooms
  • Offers instant radiant heat

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on energy efficient electric heaters and offer a few cost-efficient options. Even though our top picks have been chosen based on performance and energy efficiency, it’s worth mentioning that they are no longer the ugly things they used to be in the past.

Holmes Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer

Holmes energy efficient heater


Reviews are beaming for this wall-mounted space heater for your bathroom. Made by the company that owns almost 40 percent of the U.S. space-heater market, this Holmes heater is not only affordable, but also successful in allowing you to warm a cold bathroom before you go in.

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DeLonghi Compact Ceramic Electric Heater

In addition to a satisfying eco-performance, this affordable ceramic electric heater also offers a great versatility. You can reduce the energy usage by 40% with the built-in smart eco-energy function. The DeLonghi selects the ideal power level by taking into account the current room temperature and the user’s set preference.

Enjoy even more savings on your electricity bill with the adjustable electronic thermostat it provides; the electric heater also comes with multiple heat settings and a 24-hour digital timer.

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Ambia Ach-120 Portable Two Zone Ceramic Heater

Did you think it was a stereo on your first glance? It’s because this clever little number is really brilliant with its two heater modules. They can be used together, but they can also be separated to heat two separate places (provided they are not farther than 6-feet apart).

You can use the Ambia heater to warm your feet and back at the same time, or direct the warming waves to both you and your partner. It’s like you have two heaters into one.

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Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater

This is your best shot if you need an all-round heater inside your home. The 25-inch tall tower simply spreads warmth in a full 360-degree radius. It’s also very efficient in quickly warming up the entire room. Consumer Reports ranked it on the second place in its category, and the mod design is not the only feature worth mentioning. You can also enjoy handy settings, such as safety components, remote control, and an easy-to-clean filter.

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Vornado DVTH

Up there in the review listings, Vornado’s energy efficient heaters are some of the best you can buy without breaking the bank. According to Good Housekeeping, which voted their heaters as “Best Overall,” the main difference between Vornado and traditional space heaters is that they offer “unique vortex action.”

Thanks to this technology, the device disperses the heat evenly throughout the room. The result? A quicker heating process while consuming less power. Some of the digital controls included in the DVTH are automatic climate control, as well safety features and an intuitive user experience.

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Dyson AM05 Bladeless Air Multiplier Heater & Fan

Last but not least, we couldn’t help talking about this strange looking device by Dyson. Way over the expensive side of the market, this Dyson entry looks more like an alien communication console than a heater.

In spite of being not at all affordable (compared to the other items on our list), Dyson is one of the best appreciated companies by Consumer Reports. Their heaters are praised for the sleek design and energy efficiency, which brings them to the top in their category.

If your needs of buying a heater combined with fashionable design tendencies, the Dyson AM05 is the answer for you. More than its novel attributes, the device also comes with pitch-perfect performance.

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Although the selections included in our list are some of the safest on the market, please keep in mind space heaters can often be dangerous. Heating equipment – energy efficient heaters included – is the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S. Each year, over 65,000 home fires are attributed to heating equipment. Here are some safety tips concerning heating systems:

  • Do not use space heaters that are missing the label showing they have been approved by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Do not use heaters that have cracked, broken, or worn out plugs.
  • Make sure you have smoke alarms on every floor. Test them once a month.
  • Do not place heaters close to anything that can burn. Also, keep them away from areas where they could pose a tripping hazard.
  • Just like with candles, space heaters must not be left unattended. Do not keep them running through the night and keep children and pets away from them.

For more details on how to choose your next energy efficient heater based on multiple criteria, check out this government issued chart. Hopefully, our selection of energy efficient heaters has helped you gain a better understanding of what you should take into consideration. Now, get warmed up!

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