The Best Uses for Portable Solar Panels

When many of us think about solar panels, we think of the big, expensive ones we put on top of our houses. They can generate a lot of power, but sometimes we do not need something that big. If you are going camping or are going without electricity and need to power a few items, a portable solar panel is a better option. They do not generate much power, but they are lightweight and affordable. You can purchase some of them for only 25 dollars!

Before you decide to buy one—just because it is so much cheaper than a traditional solar panel—think of how you will use it. The items below discuss the benefits of portable solar panels, how they work, and our best uses for them.

What Are the Benefits of Portable Solar Panels?

There are several benefits to using solar energy. The sun easily produces more energy every hour than the world produces every year. It only makes sense to utilize that energy. Here are a handful of the benefits of solar energy.

They Are Renewable and Sustainable

Solar energy is both renewable and sustainable. The sun is constantly producing energy and will continue to do so for millions of years, so we will not run out of it. It also does not matter how much we use because there will be plenty of solar energy available for the coming generations. This is very much unlike fossil fuels, which take a long time to form.

They Cost Less

Portable solar panels are easy on your wallet. You do not have to pay another company to use the energy it generates, so all you pay for is the panel and hardware. The amount of energy you can use makes it definitely worth the money!

They Are Quiet

Unlike some other forms of electricity generation, solar panels are silent. On a camping trip, this allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature without interruption. It will also not bother any other nearby campers. All you have to do is set it out in the sun and let it be.

They Are Portable

This one is obvious, but having portable solar panels is a benefit by itself. Traditional panels are heavy and stationary, limiting where you can use solar energy. Portable ones can go with you wherever you decide to go. Today’s world requires portable products; we have made phones, computers, games, and so many other products portable. This means you can maintain your lifestyle wherever you go.

They Are Weatherproof

Many of the products available will not be harmed by the elements. Some do not have protective covers for charging plug-ins though. Be sure to check the product you want to purchase. Even if it does not have a protective cover for ports, you can always put the panel away in bad weather. They will not be getting much sunlight in the rain anyway. Weatherproofing them essentially makes it easier to take on the go.

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How Do Portable Solar Panels Work?

Portable solar panels have two thin layers of silicone. This is what does the work. Sunlight hits the panel and photons create an electric field between the two layers. Metallic strips called busbars then channel the electric field to store it in a battery. They typically have a carrying case, foldable design, or kickstand that helps it travel with you easily. You will have to purchase the battery or charge controller so that the output of power is controlled. Having a battery is also nice because you can store the energy and use it later.

What Are the Best Uses for Them?

Depending on the kind of portable solar panel you buy, you can use them several different ways. The amount of energy the battery holds, the efficiency of the panels, and the output all affect what you can do. You will need to check your portable solar panel if you already have one to see what it can do.

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They Charge Devices

In regards to laptops, cell phones, and other important and small electronic devices, having a portable solar panel can be a lifesaver. If you forget your phone charger or do not have an electrical outlet nearby, a portable panel can charge it. This is great for road trips and camping. Having a dead phone can be deadly in an emergency.

It is also important to keep your laptop charged if you need to work away from home. Just let your panel sit out in the sun and your laptop will be charged in no time. Even if you do not need to work, a laptop can provide plenty of entertainment.

It is a good idea to keep batteries on hand though, just in case there is not much sunlight. Having a battery can let you charge during cloudy, rainy days or at night.

They Provide Electricity for Appliances

If you have an RV, a portable solar panel can power your appliances. It can power a mini-fridge, stove, or even a television. This can help you keep certain foods cool and stored safely without much hassle. It can also power an electric stove or grill. If there is anything you need to power at your camp, a portable panel can likely do it. It’s a great, environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. There are no after-effects that will damage the ecosystem. It just harnesses the already available sunlight we all enjoy.

They Heat Water

Portable solar panels provide the energy need to heat water for cooking or cleaning. This is useful in the event of a power outage because you will be prepared. You can also use this for camping. Anytime you need to do it, your panel can do it if it has plenty of sunlight or if you have a battery.

They Charge Car Batteries

Some people use car outlets to charge their devices, which can drain the car’s battery. If needed, a portable solar panel can charge the battery. This is perfect for emergencies and if there is not anyone around to help. It is completely free, but it may take a little bit. To help ease the pressure on your car battery, just use a portable panel to charge your devices.


There are so many benefits and uses to portable solar panels. It can help you be environmentally friendly as you travel and spend time away from modern life. It is renewable, sustainable, and free of charge (other than the cost of the hardware). They can charge devices, provide electricity to appliances, and help in emergencies. 

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