How the Blue Jeans Go Green Program Helps Communities and the Environment

There are ways to upcycle and reuse jeans at home, which help you to make the most of your money. This also helps the environment because you are not constantly tossing clothes into the garbage. However, what are you supposed to do with them once you cannot reuse them anymore? One option available to you is Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green Program. The program takes your used jeans of any brand and style and reuses them to help both communities in need and the environment. They have even partnered with the clothing company Madewell to over you extra incentives. 

About the Blue Jeans Go Green Program

Cotton Incorporated the Blue Jeans Go Green program back in 2006, so it definitely is not a new program. However, their recent activity has brought it to people’s attention on social media. All you have to do is send in your jeans or take them to an affiliated store to donate them to their cause. Once the company receives them, they send the denim off to become UltraTouch denim insulation. Since they started, they have recycled over 1,000 tons of denim. This means that they have diverted over two million pairs of jeans from landfills and created over four million square feet of insulation from them. This has benefits to both the environment and the communities they serve.

How It Helps the Environment

For one, diverting over two million pairs of jeans from landfills is a big deal. The Blue Jeans Go Green program helps people to recycle their jeans after they no longer use them. Our landfills are already filling up, and the rate of decomposition is much slower there. Cotton generally breaks down over a matter of months, but they can last for years in a landfill. Recycling jeans not only keeps them out of landfills, but it also gives them at least one more purpose. This purpose to help communities in need is definitely worth contributing to!

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How It Helps Communities

Since the program started in 2006, Blue Jeans Go Green has provided insulation to over 30 Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the country. Their UltraTouch denim insulation (which consists of 80 percent denim) has also gone into homes in New Orleans, Charleston, and Los Angeles. It has several great properties that are different from other insulations. It is environmentally safe and free of carcinogens, formaldehyde, and chemical irritants. This non-itch insulation also holds in heat well and absorbs sound better than fiberglass insulation. On top of all of this, it even contains an active mold and mildew inhibitor. This insulation is great for homes and other buildings, which helps the communities that need it.

What You Receive in Return

Since partnering with Madewell, the Blue Jeans Go Green program has continued to make a difference. Great people have donated almost half a million jeans, which saves 191 tons of waste from going to landfills. Madewell is also offering an incentive to anyone who donates their old jeans at their stores. For every pair you donate, you receive 20 dollars off a pair of their jeans. This way, you can recycle your old jeans and get another pair at a bargain! This program is making a difference in the world and they are inviting everyone to participate.

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