BungoBox: A Company that Helps People Move House in a Greener Way

Moving is one on the things we all agree to dislike. It’s not just the hassle of finding the right moving company, the packing and unpacking, and the deconstruction of all of those cardboard boxes. Moving is also an extremely paper-intensive activity, which matter for environmentally friendly people. Thankfully, you have a viable solution in BungoBox, the company we’re highlighting today.

A lot of the times, you can reuse the cardboard boxes, but even so, estimates show that only half of the cardboard Americans use actually ends up in a recycling center. The cardboard that goes to landfills will take about two months before it starts to decompose.

With BungoBox, however, a moving company started in 2010, you have an eco-friendly solution for all your moving needs. The company intends to reduce the waste caused by one-time use of cardboard boxes. Therefore, BungoBox delivers to your doorstep plastic containers that are not just rentable, but also reusable. You pack your belongings in the box, move it, and then, when you’re done with it, call the company to collect the containers.

BungoBox Advantages

BungoBox is considered a green moving company because their boxes can be reused up to 400 times. That’s a lot more times than the traditional cardboard box, which we use merely once or twice. Today we see how BungoBox can make your moving much less dreadful – beyond drastically cutting down in your paper waste.

  1. You can stack BungoBoxes much more easily than regular cardboard boxes. With cardboard, the boxes often have uneven surfaces or different sizes, which minimizes space efficiency. BungoBoxes are incredibly helpful when it comes to organization when moving.
  2. Renting a BungoBox will cost you about 50 percent less than purchasing cardboard. So not only do you help the planet, but you also save money!
  3. BungoBoxes are more durable than cardboard and waterproof. Thanks to its durability, you will use less in-box paper packaging (also good for reducing household waste).
  4. BungoBoxes cut down on time required for packing because you don’t need any packing tape.

The product provided by BungoBox does raise some eyebrows because it increases the production of plastic containers. However, estimations show that during its lifetime, a single BungoBox replaces at least 250 cardboard boxes. This saves about 1,575 gallons of water, 923 KW hours of energy, four large trees, and no less than 40 gallons of gasoline. If that’s not eco-friendly, we don’t know what is!

Are Green Moving Boxes More Expensive?

For those unfamiliar with the company, know what that BungoBox’s green moving boxes are extremely affordable (more on the price below). On average, renting their boxes will save you 40-50 percent compared to buying cardboard boxes and other supplies, including packing tape.

Moreover, as we already said, BungoBoxes are made of hard plastic. Therefore, they can prevent damage to items during their travels. More often than not, cardboard boxes come with a hidden cost in broken and damaged items. Some examples include:

  • Dropped items. Boxes made of cardboard require taping together, which means the bottom of the box can easily break open and drop items. Not the case with plastic moving boxes, which won’t let the items fall and break.
  • Crushed items. Under pressure or weight, cardboard boxes can crush, which often causes damage to the fragile items packed inside. BungoBoxes allow you to safely stack them – even heavy ones – without having to worry about the risk of crushing the boxes below.
  • Water damage. It goes without saying that cardboard has no power against moisture. Water can damage books, photos, files, and expensive electronic devices. On the other hand, hard plastic moving boxes will keep all of these items safe from spilled liquids and potential rain.

Green moving boxes will also give a lot of ease of mind, as there’s immense value in knowing you items will arrive safely at the new home. They offer solid protection to the cargo they carry and stack securely one on top of another. All in all, BungoBox promises to make your move a lot less stressful, less expensive and less harsh on the environment.



Moving with BungoBox: Step-by-Step

This is how the business works in a nutshell: Let’s say a customer wants to move from a three-bedroom house. BungoBox would delivery about 40 boxes (for free); they come in 3- and 4-cubic-feet sizes to suit all the customer’s needs. The homeowner pays $1.75 for a large crate per week, but he can keep it longer. If that’s needed, the price is cut 50 percent. BungoBox offers the customer free labels and a free pickup after the move.

The boxes are easy to stack five high on a dolly thanks to their handles. Movers will save a lot of time wheeling the boxes onto the truck – five at a time – as opposed to having to carry cardboard boxes one by one.

Simply put, BungoBox is the green alternative to cardboard boxes. The durable crate is made of 100 percent recycled plastic, designed to save trees and provide affordability and convenience. If you’re still unsure about how all this works and what to know about BungoBox from a visual point of view, watch the video below. It’s also available on the company’s website.

Customer Reviews

We want to close our pitch in favor of BungoBoxes by providing you with some Yelp reviews of satisfied customers.

“BungoBox was a great alternative to using cardboard boxes. We moved outside of their typical service area and Ken was accommodating with our location for a small additional cost. The boxes are sturdy and the movers appreciated how easily they stack. It was reassuring to know that they would not break or be crushed once packed with heavy items. We will certainly recommend this company to others.” – Melissa D. Alexandria, VA

“A friend recommended them and they did not disappoint! Thank you so much for making the packing and unpacking much easier. Great service too and reasonable price! Will definitely recommend to friends.” – Rachel F., Washington, DC

“BungoBox was a great alternative to going to Home Depot, buying a bunch of boxes for a $1 (or more) a piece, getting the packing tape, struggling with the packing tape while trying to make durable boxes, worrying that all my stuff would be squished in the cardboard boxes, unpacking and then having to break down and either recycle or free-cycle all those boxes.

I reiterate from others that the customer service is GREAT. They keep in touch about the drop-off and pick-up and respond when you call.  Really helped with our move – if anything, having a “must be unpacked” deadline was great for getting us off our butts” – Emily P. Ashburn, VA

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