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Tesla Unveils Electric Truck To Compete With Traditional Trucks in Fight Against Carbon Emissions

In a revolutionary move that could put a real dent in the amount of pick-up trucks on the road today and the carbon emissions they release into the atmosphere, Telsa just unveiled their new electric truck. Trucks and SUVs are becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that they threaten to upend all of the […]

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Google Employees Sign Open Letter Demanding Company Take Decisive Climate Action

In the fight against the climate crisis, it may seem like disaster is imminent and there’s nothing we can do about it. But people around the world are stepping up to join the battle, and that’s what Google employees want their place of work to do as well. In an open letter to Chief Financial […]

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Coke And Pepsi Named The World’s Top Corporate Plastic Polluters

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been named the most polluting brands in the world as part of a global audit of plastic waste conducted by the Break Free From Plastic movement, and the Intercept reports that Coke was far and away the biggest plastic polluter on the planet: “The giant soda company was responsible for more […]

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Multinational Corporation Unilever Announces Plan To Cut Plastic Use In Half By 2025

In a major win for environmental advocates, Unilever, the parent company of major brands such as Dove and Ben & Jerry’s, just announced an ambitious plan to cut plastics use by half in the next six years. As a company, Unilever produces 700,000 tons of plastic every year, a lot of which ultimately ends up […]

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Rainforest Action Network Busts Major Companies For Buying Palm Oil From Illegal Plantations

Several major American companies have been implicated in the destruction of rainforest in Indonesia after the Rainforest Action Network caught them purchasing palm oil from illegal plantations engaged in deforestation. The Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve in Indonesia is home to one of the densest populations of Sumatran Orangutans anywhere on Earth, and they play a […]

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Vegan Leather Company Produces Pocketbook Made From Apple Skins

In a major win for sustainable eco-friendly products, a company called SAMARA has found a way to make leather goods from apple skins. For a very long time, leather goods such as belts, wallets and pocketbooks have been made from animals skins. In fact, leather derived from cows contributes to the climate crisis we all […]

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Anheuser-Busch Will Now Have The Largest Electric Truck Fleet In The Country

North American beer giant Anheuser-Busch took a leap into the future this week by announcing the company’s transition to electric delivery trucks, which means they will have the largest such fleet on the continent. It cannot be stressed enough that transportation around the globe will have to change dramatically as part of the fight against […]

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