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Edible water bottles are here and just helped the London Marathon “save a ton”

It was a milestone for Marathon runners in London on Monday. The event is making worldwide news, but the news isn’t all about the runners. It’s about the edible and biodegradable water capsules handed out along the 26.2-mile route. A new product could help eliminate more than 215,000 plastic water bottles per marathon.   “The […]

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Saudi Arabia now has plenty of water — but you might not like where it is coming from

The droughts and accompanying wildfires in California have dominated the news, culminating in the November 2018 Camp Fire, California’s deadliest wildfire in history. The droughts and heat have only gotten worse since the 80s, thought to be the result of climate change. Despite a growing problem with shrinking water resources in the state, Saudi Arabia […]

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The First Fully Recycled Road Has Been Completed in France

The world is making great strides to help the environment. There are committees in each country dedicated to helping you and the environment. The environment affects us all. If the environment is doing poorly, then your health is suffering. There are a lot of ways that we are improving the environment. We reduce our waste, […]

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What Is Green Engineering and How Does It Work?

What Is Green Engineering?Green engineering is a design philosophy affecting processes and products. Its core principle is to simultaneously decrease the amount of pollution that is generated by a source, minimizes exposures to potential hazards, and protect human health. All without relinquishing the economic efficiency and viability of the product of the process. As such, […]

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Advocacy or Climate Science

A geography professor at the Delaware University points out that advocacy should not replace science. A global warming researcher took a stand against the way college students are being presented with advocacy instead of actual scientific facts when it comes to climate change.  David Legates, the geography professor at the Delaware University, said that students […]

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