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Trump Administration Moves Forward To Allow Pork Slaughterhouses To Self-Police; Slashing USDA Inspectors

If you have little concern for the suffering of animals, humans, or data from your own studies, for that matter, you might be inclined to do what the Trump administration’s USDA just did. They have just moved to let slaughterhouses police themselves despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To sum it up: […]

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Beef Supplier Gets Busted Buying Cattle From Farmer Guilty Of Amazon Deforestation

While the Amazon rainforest continues to be ruthlessly deforested to make way for cattle ranches, a major beef supplier just got caught purchasing cattle from a farmer who is guilty of deforestation in Brazil. Earth’s greatest defense against climate change is the Amazon rainforest, which already captures the most carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and […]

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Google Announces $2 Billion Investment In Solar And Wind Energy In Response To Climate Strike

Just a day before the world participated in a massive climate strike to pressure governments into taking action to save our planet, tech giant Google announced a multi-billion investment in solar and wind power, two key renewable energy sources we desperately need for a clean energy future. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg inspired the worldwide strike, […]

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Lawmakers Go After Companies For Putting Toxic PFAS Chemicals In Drinking Water

Lawmakers in Congress are taking manufacturing companies to task over dangerous PFAS chemicals that have contaminated drinking water in every state in the country. For decades, these chemicals have been used by companies such as 3M Company, the Chemours Company and DuPont in the manufacture of several products from non-stick pans, water repellent, firefighting foam, […]

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New Environment Minister Of Japan Calls For Closing All Nuclear Power Plants

Japan should be a world leader in the fight against climate change, and part of that should be phasing out nuclear power reactors that pose a threat to human lives and the environment, and that’s exactly what new environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi wants to do. The Japanese are already making strides toward a cleaner sustainable […]

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California Legislature Fails To Pass Bills To Restrict Single-Use Plastic Waste

The California state legislature ended its session Saturday after failing to pass two bills that would have greatly reduced the amount of plastic waste in the Golden State, according to The Mercury News: “The bills, which each cleared one house but not both chambers as required, would have required companies that sell products widely found […]

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Norway Tells Companies Based There To Stop Funding Amazon Deforestation

The Amazon rainforest is on fire in a bald-faced effort to clear land for corporate use by the agriculture and fossil fuel industries in Brazil, which is why Norway is strongly urging its own companies to stop funding the deforestation. For years, Norway has contributed the lion’s share of funding to the Amazon Fund in […]

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Charity Saves Untouched Forest From Loggers By Creating First Crowdfunded Park

A pristine forest surrounding Princess Louisa Inlet in British Columbia, Canada has been saved from the greedy clutches of loggers after a charity turned to crowdfunding and raised $3 million to purchase the land outright and turned it into a protected park. Princess Louisa Inlet is a prime example of a fjord in Canada, and […]

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Activists Force Withdrawal Of Bid To Build $1.2 Billion Chemical Plant In Louisiana

Activists in Louisiana are claiming victory after they were able to get a Chinese chemical company to withdraw plans to build a $1.25 billion chemical plant in the small town of Convent. Convent is already home to a factory that spews toxic emissions and is believed to have contributed to higher rates of cancer in […]

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