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United States Gets Caught Acting As A Middleman In Illegal Shark Fin Trade

Sharks play a vital role in marine ecosystems around the globe, but they are vulnerable to extinction because of the illegal shark fin trade. Unfortunately, while the United States is supposed to be a strong force against this illegal trade, it just got busted acting as a middleman. Millions of sharks have been killed over […]

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Federal Reserve Pays Attention To The Climate Crisis For The First Time

As climate change continues to ravage our world and causes billions upon billions of dollars in property damage, the Federal Reserve is finally paying attention to the crisis. While scientists around the globe have been warning for years about the unfolding crisis, everyone else has been slow to react, including financial institutions. “Nobody denies that […]

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House Of Representatives Approves Ban On Mining Around The Grand Canyon

The U.S. House of Representatives sent a powerful message to mining interests this week with a vote to permanently ban uranium mining on 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon, the Arizona Daily Sun reports. While the bill passed on a party-line vote, 236-185, it was a significant victory for environmentalists and give the legislation […]

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Department Of Interior Inching Closer Toward Letting Private Industry Run National Parks

Soon, Americans are going to wake up one day and find that all 419 national parks across the country are under the control of private businesses because an advisory panel appointed by President Donald Trump just voted in favor of privatization. National Parks are pristine environmental refuges that preserve our natural heritage and protect wildlife […]

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Environmental Groups Pressure Fast Food Companies To Boycott Brazil Over Amazon Fires

As the Amazon rainforest continues to burn, environmental groups like Greenpeace are calling for a boycott of products from Brazil that come from farms on deforested lands, especially by fast-food companies. Thousands of acres have been lit ablaze to make way for cattle ranching and soy plantations. While the cattle provide beef, the soy is […]

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Trump Administration Moves Forward To Allow Pork Slaughterhouses To Self-Police; Slashing USDA Inspectors

If you have little concern for the suffering of animals, humans, or data from your own studies, for that matter, you might be inclined to do what the Trump administration’s USDA just did. They have just moved to let slaughterhouses police themselves despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To sum it up: […]

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Beef Supplier Gets Busted Buying Cattle From Farmer Guilty Of Amazon Deforestation

While the Amazon rainforest continues to be ruthlessly deforested to make way for cattle ranches, a major beef supplier just got caught purchasing cattle from a farmer who is guilty of deforestation in Brazil. Earth’s greatest defense against climate change is the Amazon rainforest, which already captures the most carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and […]

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