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Community in Texas Provides Zero Energy Living

A community in Austin, Texas, called Whisper Valley, is exceeding building codes by producing an entire subdivision to promote green living. Builders harness two types of renewable energy in the homes, geothermal and solar, to provide a zero energy building. They are also equipped with the latest technology to conserve energy. This community may be […]

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17 States and the District of Columbia Sue the EPA over Fuel Efficiency Standards

Almost three weeks ago, the EPA and Trump administration deemed the current fuel efficiency standards too strict. The goal to further increase fuel efficiency standards in 2022 through 2025 was also criticized. Outraged, the state of California rallied other states to support the current standards and protect them. Together, they are suing the EPA. It […]

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Renewable Energy Myths Explained: Facts and Debunking

Navigation Menu Navigation Guide Our Current Global Energy Paradigm ​​​What Is Renewable Energy?​​​The Economic and Human Benefits of the Renewable Energy SwitchTypes of Renewable Energy Offered​​​​Solar EnergyWind EnergyHydro & Ocean EnergyBiogas Energy​​​​Biomass EnergyGeothermal EnergyCountries Leading the Way in Renewable EnergyWhy Do Myths About Renewable Energy Exist?Specific Misconceptions and Myths Surrounding Renewable EnergySolar EnergyWind EnergyBiogas EnergyBiomass Energy Geothermal […]

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