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The future is green with industrial hemp: Top uses for Cannabis sativa

On Monday, the Florida Senate Agriculture Committee approved a bill to create a regulatory framework for the newly legalized industrial hemp industry in America. The Sunshine State is on the verge of becoming a “hemp pioneer.” The notorious plant has been grown for 10,000 years but its use in agriculture has suffered from its association […]

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This is how eco-friendly housing can be gratifying and prosperous

As warnings about climate change become more and more common in the daily news, many homeowners are faced with concerns they haven’t had to think about too much before. Would my home be ready to withstand a natural disaster? What if my house isn’t ready for a changing climate?   Meanwhile across the world, people […]

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Lumitify 2 Pack Solar Christmas String Lights Review

We are almost halfway through the month of December and the holiday celebrations are well underway. Most people pull out all the stops for their holiday decorations, including wreaths, trees, ornaments, signs, Christmas villages, and of course, lights. In the midst of all of these decorations, the string lights always seem to cause the most […]

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