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Adidas Sold 1 Million Environmentally Friendly Shoes Last Year

Last year, Adidas launched environmentally friendly shoes made almost entirely of plastic found in the oceans. Their campaign, Run for the Oceans, brought awareness to plastic pollution and how it affects ecosystems. They sold one million pairs of the upcycled plastic shoes last year, and are continuing to collaborate with Parley for the Oceans. This […]

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Community in Texas Provides Zero Energy Living

A community in Austin, Texas, called Whisper Valley, is exceeding building codes by producing an entire subdivision to promote green living. Builders harness two types of renewable energy in the homes, geothermal and solar, to provide a zero energy building. They are also equipped with the latest technology to conserve energy. This community may be […]

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What is Biofuel: A Possible Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Quick Navigation  Types of BiofuelsWhat is Biofuel Made FromHow are Biofuels SustainableMajor Drawback of BiofuelWhat is Biofuel: DisadvantagesWhat is Biofuel: AdvantagesThe Future of Fuel People today are so reliant on fossil fuels, they have nearly closed their minds to any other alternative fuel source. However, fossil fuels are a leading cause of carbon dioxide emissions […]

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Renewable Resources: Benefits, Drawbacks and More

With the increasing danger that global warming is becoming, more focus has been put on developing renewable resources and how we can use them. Resources such as the sun or water are being exploited generating energy for personal or mass use. Many of the renewable resources that are found have shown very promising results. Here […]

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Pollution: What Is It, The Different Types and How We Can Reduce It

Pollution is in the front of the minds of people all across the world. For good reason. Pollution now is worse than it has ever been. The United States President is also pushing to revive the coal industry which will cause even more pollution in the form of increased carbon emissions. So, how can we […]

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24 Facts on Global Warming and The Surrounding Issues

Global Warming Facts Global warming has been in the back of our minds for many years now. However, it was not until recently that the facts about global warming moved to a priority spot in our lives. With the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement, more and more people are starting to pay attention. […]

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