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Edible water bottles are here and just helped the London Marathon “save a ton”

It was a milestone for Marathon runners in London on Monday. The event is making worldwide news, but the news isn’t all about the runners. It’s about the edible and biodegradable water capsules handed out along the 26.2-mile route. A new product could help eliminate more than 215,000 plastic water bottles per marathon.   “The […]

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Scientist finds beloved lake from his childhood polluted, see what he did next

What if there were a totally safe, biodegradable nanomaterial that could transform polluted ponds and lakes into healthy, vibrant ecosystems again? It turns out, that such a technology already exists, created by a young man named Marino Morikawa.   A Peruvian-Japanese scientist with a degree in environmental science from a university in Japan, Marino Morikawa, […]

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Science and conservation help unite the worst of enemies in war torn Afghanistan

Even in wartorn countries like Afghanistan, there is a surprising bridge that could unite the worst of enemies, including the Taliban, Afghan opposition figures, refugees, and U.S. officials. This bridge transcends ethnicity, religion, language, culture, and politics: conserving natural resources.   If people are willing to go to war over land, it makes sense they […]

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Fun DIY Ornaments to Make Out of Recyclable Materials

There’s nothing better than crowding around a well decorated Christmas tree with your family and friends. Sipping hot chocolate and eating candy canes. Wrapping presents to put underneath it. Decorating the tree is also something very special. I’m sure you can imagine your own Christmas trees growing up. Christmas is a very magical time of […]

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What Is Green Engineering and How Does It Work?

What Is Green Engineering?Green engineering is a design philosophy affecting processes and products. Its core principle is to simultaneously decrease the amount of pollution that is generated by a source, minimizes exposures to potential hazards, and protect human health. All without relinquishing the economic efficiency and viability of the product of the process. As such, […]

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The Crayon Initiative: What Is It and How Can You Help?

What Is the Crayon Initiative?The Crayon Initiative collects donated crayons from restaurants, schools, and homes across the country. Once collected they melt the crayons down and remanufactures them, reducing waste. Once the crayons are recycled, they are distributed to art programs at children’s hospitals across the United States. The company continually strives to accomplish two […]

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