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Keep Your Eyes Out For Wonderful Wildlife Crossings As You Hit The Highways For Vacation

As Americans make travel plans and get out on the highways, they face many tedious hours in the car. However, watching the native wildlife and spotting wildflowers along the way can be a memorable and enjoyable part of your vacation. If you love our wildlife, you’ll also love spotting structures built with them in mind: […]

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Regenerative Agriculture Could Help Solve The Problems Of Climate Crisis And Food Shortages

Though many of us may not be familiar with the term “regenerative agriculture,” it could well be instrumental in helping to solve the problems of climate change and global food shortages. Regenerative agriculture is defined by Terra Genesis International as: “A system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and […]

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How Does Climate Change Affect Animals? Thinking Beyond Ourselves

Between sea levels rising, the warming of the polar regions, and a worldwide shift in climate zones, climate change will have a profound impact on human beings: but that is not its only impact. Human beings share the planet with millions of different species of plants and animals. This article will answer the question “how […]

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Just looking at nature can help alleviate cravings for alcohol and drugs

It turns out that humanity has new reasons to protect and restore nature or create greenspaces because a new study shows that just looking at nature can reduce cravings for things like alcohol, drugs and food. That means nature can act in a crucial health management capacity in certain situations by helping people combat anxiety […]

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Presidential Candidates Stances On Climate Change

One of the most compelling issues facing our world today is the Presidential candidates stances on climate change. The issue has become so important that in 2015, a group of American children sued the federal government for putting their lives at risk.  This lawsuit is now making its way to the United States Supreme Court. […]

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Canada looks to ban single-use plastics by 2021, Trudeau announces

Canada is stepping up to the plate to fight climate change and reduce its production of plastic waste by joining the European Union in banning single-use plastics by 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week. Our northern neighbor has already banned the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity, and now, just as the […]

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