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Dishwasher vs Hand Washing: Which One is Better for the Environment?

Growing up in modern times, you’ve probably used a dishwasher before. I know that there are some countries that traditionally don’t have dishwashers in their houses. In the United States, a lot of households have a dishwasher. They’re easy to use and it’s less work for you. However, I recently moved into a place that […]

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Why Bamboo Flatware for the Holidays Is a Smart Choice

What Is Bamboo Flatware?Bamboo Flatware is silverware that is either completely made of bamboo. Or instead, a significant portion of the silverware is made up of bamboo. There is a plethora of different styles and benefits to choose from. Bamboo has historically been used in construction, utensils, flooring, and much much more. Its widespread use […]

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PureAction Wool Dryer Balls Organic Review

More people are making the switch from the chemicals in dryer sheets to dryer balls, specifically wool dryer balls. Dryer sheets contain several different chemicals, including benzyl acetate, chloroform, and other additives. These chemicals not only come in contact with your clothes, but they also leave the dryer vent to enter the atmosphere. Wool dryer […]

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Kikkerland LB09 Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies Review

People today are becoming more and more aware of all the chemicals they use in their daily lives. Many of the practices people once thought were harmless actually contain toxic chemicals and contribute to climate change. One such practice includes using dryer sheets in your laundry. Some of the chemicals in a dryer sheet affect […]

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How to Make Your Own Indoor Compost Bin and Why You Should

What Is an Indoor Composting Bin?Indoor composting is an easy process that converts waste like paper and kitchen scraps into a substance referred to as “humus”. This humus is a dark and heavy material that enriches the soil with nutrients, helps structure maintenance and helps to sustain moisture. Humus is packed with important nutrients that […]

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