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Rare Songbird Returns From The Brink Of Extinction Thanks To The Endangered Species Act

Anyone who says that the government cannot make a difference when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment needs to hear the incredible story of the Kirtland’s warbler. In 1971, the tiny songbird was near extinction, according to EcoWatch: “There were only 201 singing males living in six counties of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Science […]

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Peruvian Company Creates Compostable Plates Made From Banana Leaves

A group of young people in Peru recently announced that they have created biodegradable dishes made of banana leaves as a way of reducing the amount of waste found in landfills across the globe, according to Intelligent Living: “(‘Bio Plant’) can decompose within 2 months – it’s completely degraded naturally before the 60 days are […]

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Small Spikes In Air Pollution Have A Direct Impact On The Mental Health Of Children, New Study Shows

A new study shows that even very small spikes in air pollution can directly affect the mental health of children and lead to an increase in hospital visits for psychiatric issues, according to EcoWatch: “According to the study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, short-term spikes in ambient air pollution are linked with an […]

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Humans Release 100x More Carbon Dioxide Than Volcanic Eruptions, Study Finds

A new study details exactly how much damage humans are doing to the environment with activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, revealing that, on average, human actions produce anywhere from 40 to 100 times the carbon emissions of volcanic eruptions which take place across the world each year. AFP reports: “The Deep Carbon […]

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Ocean Cleaning Device Successfully Catches Plastic Waste In The Pacific

A floating device that vacuums up plastic waste from the ocean passed its first test recently when it successfully collected debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, CNN reports: “The Netherlands-based nonprofit the Ocean Cleanup says its latest prototype was able to capture and hold debris ranging in size from huge, abandoned fishing gear, known […]

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Trump Administration Moves Forward To Allow Pork Slaughterhouses To Self-Police; Slashing USDA Inspectors

If you have little concern for the suffering of animals, humans, or data from your own studies, for that matter, you might be inclined to do what the Trump administration’s USDA just did. They have just moved to let slaughterhouses police themselves despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. To sum it up: […]

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Social Unrest Likely Unless Global Food Production Is Transformed, Scientists Warn

A new study from the Food and Land Use Coalition warns that the world has to diversify the current method of food production and consumption or be confronted with supply disruptions that could result in both suffering and social unrest across the globe, according to a report from the World Economic Forum: “A new global […]

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