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Over 3,500 Amazon employees call for company to take action to address climate change

As the threat of climate change continues to grow, thousands of Amazon employees are asking the company to act to address it even if the federal government won’t. Over 3,500 Amazon employees signed an open letter on Wednesday calling on founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and the Board of Directors to put the company’s vast […]

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Jay Inslee takes climate change more seriously than other Democratic 2020 candidates

Washington Governor Jay Inslee isn’t just saying he supports fighting climate change, he has walked the walk, and was doing so long before many of his fellow Democratic 2020 presidential contenders. Let’s be honest, Inslee does not have the known profile or name recognition like Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) or Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), but […]

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Science and conservation help unite the worst of enemies in war torn Afghanistan

Even in wartorn countries like Afghanistan, there is a surprising bridge that could unite the worst of enemies, including the Taliban, Afghan opposition figures, refugees, and U.S. officials. This bridge transcends ethnicity, religion, language, culture, and politics: conserving natural resources.   If people are willing to go to war over land, it makes sense they […]

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Report warns climate change will hit real estate developers hard

President Donald Trump may not be interested in dealing with climate change, but he should be, especially since the real estate industry he has been involved with for decades is starting to take it seriously. Partnering with global investment manager Heitman, a real estate investment firm with properties all around the world, the Urban Land […]

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What Is the Polar Vortex and How Can You Stay Safe and Warm?

​​​​Anyone who regularly listens to the weather or looks at social media will have heard the term “polar vortex” recently. This affected the Midwest in the United States, as well as part of Eurasia. The polar vortex caused temperatures in these areas to plummet to frigid temperatures, causes schools and businesses to close. Some people […]

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