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A New Form Of Chronic Kidney Disease May Be Caused By Climate Change

While we’ve known for some time that climate change does indeed impact the health of people around the world — ranging from making mental health problems worse to spreading infectious diseases — a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that climate change is on the verge of causing a pandemic of […]

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Report warns climate change is causing devastating and fatal consequences on our children and grandchildren NOW

A new report from the Global Health Alliance Australia in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne has some sobering news: Climate change is already causing death, malnutrition, and the stunting of child growth across the world. And the situation is only getting worse. According to The Guardian, Misha Coleman, one of the report’s authors, had […]

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Warmer oceans are causing a dramatic spike in the number of flesh-eating bacteria infections

Last month in Florida, a woman slipped and fell into the ocean while on vacation, slightly cutting her leg. The wound measured approximately three-quarters of a inch long. Later that same day, the woman began experiencing terrible pain in her injured leg. A few days later, her leg had turned black and she was placed […]

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Corporate farm waste may be a bigger environmental problem than we can imagine

When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas in 2018, at least 52 people were killed and the economic loss was estimated at almost $17 billion. One major loss was of animals on farms, where the giant storm killed approximately 3.5 million chickens and 5,500 hogs. But perhaps the biggest loser of all when it came to […]

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Kids take U.S. government to court for not addressing the dangers of climate change

On Tuesday, a federal court heard arguments in a case which could force the United States government to finally take climate change seriously and do something to rectify the problem. Juliana vs. United States was filed in 2014 by 21 children and young adults who charge that the “government’s inaction on addressing climate change violated their […]

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Air pollution is getting worse and is harming every organ in our bodies

World leaders may be taking action to prevent uncontrollable climate change, but that doesn’t mean there’s less air pollution because it’s actually getting worse and is adversely affecting every organ in our bodies. Since the dawn of the industrial age, air pollution has been a constant problem affecting our health and lives. Millions of people […]

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Report: Trump administration effort to change the math regarding air pollution will kill and harm thousands of Americans

Is the Trump administration willing to kill thousands of people to satisfy its coal industry patrons? A New York Times report indicates they might. President Trump wants to allow coal mines to remain in operation longer than current federal rules would allow. To justify that, some at the EPA have complied to change the math […]

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Monsanto dealt another blow as University of California suspends use of glyphosate

Just days after a third jury found in favor of plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit against Bayer AG’s Roundup, which is manufactured by its Monsanto subsidiary, the University of California announced a suspension of the use of any weed killer product that contains the chemical glyphosate. A jury awarded a couple $2 billion last week […]

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