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Report: Trump administration effort to change the math regarding air pollution will kill and harm thousands of Americans

Is the Trump administration willing to kill thousands of people to satisfy its coal industry patrons? A New York Times report indicates they might. President Trump wants to allow coal mines to remain in operation longer than current federal rules would allow. To justify that, some at the EPA have complied to change the math […]

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Monsanto dealt another blow as University of California suspends use of glyphosate

Just days after a third jury found in favor of plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit against Bayer AG’s Roundup, which is manufactured by its Monsanto subsidiary, the University of California announced a suspension of the use of any weed killer product that contains the chemical glyphosate. A jury awarded a couple $2 billion last week […]

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Carcinogen found in 90 million Americans’ drinking water supplies remains unregulated in most states

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, found a carcinogen, in nearly 90 million American’s drinking water supplies. But as if that’s not concerning enough, the human-made carcinogen called 1,4-Dioxane is also found in thousands of personal care products. It remains almost completely unregulated in […]

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Bayer loses another Roundup cancer case as California jury awards couple $2 billion

Bayer AG, the company that owns Monsanto, is reeling after a third jury in California awarded a $2 billion judgement against plaintiffs who sued the pharmaceutical giant for causing their cancer through the use of Roundup, a popular weed killer. Roundup relies on a chemical known as glyphosate, which the World Health Organization’s International Agency […]

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California bans pesticide linked to brain damage in kids yet defended by Trump administration

California Governor Gavin Newsom has taken critical action to protect generations of California children from the serious health effects of a dangerous pesticide called chlorpyrifos. Newsom’s administration has banned the use of the toxic chemical. In a revised state budget, he also allocated $5.7 million towards finding an alternative pesticide that takes a safer “holistic […]

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Most Eco-Friendly Herbicide: The Top 6 For The Food You LOVE!

There is something satisfying about growing your own food and tending to your garden. Sustainable living allows you to provide the healthy food you want for yourself and your family. Your green thumb yields an array of delicious, nutritious fruits and veggies. However, weeds and other invasive plants harm the harvest you work so hard […]

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The Hype Behind Hydroponic Plants: What They Are and 3 Top Choices for Starting Your Own System Today

If you have ever sprouted a seed in a glass of moist paper towels, you have grown hydroponic plants, or at least sprouted them. Hydroponics is one of the most fascinating ways to grow indoor or even outdoor plants. Instead of using soil, hydroponics relies on the use of an imminent medium such as clay pellets, […]

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Flint, Michigan finally gets the money

The embattled city of Flint, Michigan is finally getting much-needed funding to fix its water infrastructure after years of dealing with poisonous levels of lead. While under the management of then-Governor Rick Snyder’s so-called “emergency managers,” the city of Flint switched their drinking water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River back to the […]

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The future is green with industrial hemp: Top uses for Cannabis sativa

On Monday, the Florida Senate Agriculture Committee approved a bill to create a regulatory framework for the newly legalized industrial hemp industry in America. The Sunshine State is on the verge of becoming a “hemp pioneer.” The notorious plant has been grown for 10,000 years but its use in agriculture has suffered from its association […]

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