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What Is the Polar Vortex and How Can You Stay Safe and Warm?

​​​​Anyone who regularly listens to the weather or looks at social media will have heard the term “polar vortex” recently. This affected the Midwest in the United States, as well as part of Eurasia. The polar vortex caused temperatures in these areas to plummet to frigid temperatures, causes schools and businesses to close. Some people […]

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5 Delicious and Nutritious Foods that Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Our bodies are complex and sensitive. Sure, there’s a lot that our bodies can handle. However, a poor diet is basically a one-way ticket to sick-ville. Having a diet that’s high in fats and unhealthy food can be a cause for cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious and life-threatening illnesses and conditions. Today, I’m […]

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