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Is Nuclear Energy Renewable? (The Truth about Nuclear)

Is nuclear energy renewable? Nuclear energy being added to the renewable energy source list has been a topic of controversy over the years. Is nuclear energy renewable? To understand why, it is important to understand what the process of creating nuclear energy entails and what renewable energy is versus a sustainable energy.Renewable Energy vs. Sustainable […]

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Industrial Pollution: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Quick Navigation Effects of Industrial PollutionMost Common PollutantsCauses of Industrial PollutionHow to Avoid Industrial Pollution Since the industrial revolution, we have seen climate change and pollution on the rise. Whether people want to believe it or not, historical data shows that levels of pollution are much higher than they should be. Not to mention the […]

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Grassland Animals: What is Threatening Them and Their Habitat

Quick Navigation  Types of Grassland AnimalsThreats Facing Grassland AnimalsEndangered Grassland AnimalsHow to Protect Grassland Animals There are many biomes all over the Earth. Deserts, forests, arctic. But one of the more popular ones, which has been the location of one of the best Disney movies ever, the grasslands. If you have ever seen the Lion […]

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We Have Done It For Years Here are 5 Ways It is Destroying Our Environment

Besides the fact that we produce massive quantities of greenhouse gas emissions, affecting this planet and increasing the level of climate change effects, we also engage in mountaintop removal. Do you know how mountaintop removal affects the environment? Mountaintop removal severely affects the environment, destroying hundreds of habitats and affecting animal species and that it’s […]

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Climate Change Weather: How Climate Change is Affecting Extreme Weather Events

Forecast Extreme WeatherIncreased Rain and SnowfallHow Do We Know Humans Are The Cause?Climate Change Weather EffectsSumming Up Extreme weather has been becoming more of a normality all over the world. It is time to address the situation. Looking at weather like hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms; the effects that climate change is having on the […]

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Land Pollution: Causes, Effects and How We Can Repair The Damage

Climate change is a very serious issue in today’s society. There are many things that factor into climate change. Carbon emissions, the leaking of chemicals, excess elements throwing off the balance of the ecosystems, and much more. There are three areas of our Earth that are causing global warming. Air, water, and land. However, a […]

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Pollution: What Is It, The Different Types and How We Can Reduce It

Pollution is in the front of the minds of people all across the world. For good reason. Pollution now is worse than it has ever been. The United States President is also pushing to revive the coal industry which will cause even more pollution in the form of increased carbon emissions. So, how can we […]

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10 Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy: (Revealing Information)

Just like other energy sources we people use, nuclear energy comes with various advantages and disadvantages. At the moment, nuclear energy is still considered very controversial and a hot issue. Scientists and international forums still talk about the balance between the disadvantages of nuclear energy and its pros. A lot of people believe that nuclear […]

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Sustainability: Today’s New Way of Living

Sustainability Sustainability momentum is growing in our global community. Whether you are a student, a startup or a business owner, sustainability is the new society wave. Yet, the definition of sustainability largely used today is surrounded by a huge misconception and does not carry the same meaning, for people coming from different backgrounds and cultures. […]

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