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U.N. treaty would be first ever to protect ecosystems in international waters from exploitation

The United Nations is preparing to take a stand in defense of international waters to protect ecosystems from exploitation by crafting a treaty to regulate how nations exploit the resources found in parts of the ocean not under anyone’s jurisdiction. As climate change, pollution and over-fishing continue to negatively impact ocean ecosystems, the world is […]

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Simple ways everyone can move toward a greener, more prosperous future today

Human activities are causing climate change and polluting the environment to such a degree that the future looks bleak indeed. However, it’s vital to remember that humans can turn it around if they work together and plan for a better future. Rather than feeling pessimistic and helpless, there are simple things that each person can […]

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This is how Obama is inspiring young climate change protesters to win the fight

Former President Barack Obama praised the effort of young climate change activists during a town hall event in Berlin on Saturday, and urged them not to give up the fight for our planet’s future. Obama spent eight years in the White House building a climate change record that has been hailed by environmentalists and scientists […]

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