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Google Employees Sign Open Letter Demanding Company Take Decisive Climate Action

In the fight against the climate crisis, it may seem like disaster is imminent and there’s nothing we can do about it. But people around the world are stepping up to join the battle, and that’s what Google employees want their place of work to do as well. In an open letter to Chief Financial […]

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Argentina Says It’s Willing To Be The ‘Sacrificial Country’ For The World’s Plastic Waste

A recent move by the government of Argentina could make it the new dumping ground for plastic waste from around the planet, and many in the South American nation are saying they have no desire to become the world’s landfill, according to The Guardian: “Argentina has changed its definition of waste in a move that could […]

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Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Caught Engineering Polls To Turn Public Against Electric Vehicles

Once again, the fossil fuel industry is trying to fool the public into opposing electric vehicles, this time by engineering misleading polls. And they are getting called out by polling experts. For decades, the fossil fuel industry has ruthlessly held back innovations that would result in the American people relying on it less and less. […]

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Naturalist David Attenborough Advises Younger Generation To Reduce Waste

Most recognized as the voice of multiple wildlife documentary series such as Blue Planet and Planet Earth, Sir David Attenborough is still advocating for the environment at 93-years-old, and now he is advising younger generations to reduce waste. For many decades, our society has developed into a highly materialistic culture that wastes our resources. From […]

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FBI Targeted Environmental Activists As Domestic Terrorists

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) targeted members of the environmental movement for years and even considered them to be domestic terrorists, according to a revealing report from The Guardian. “According to hundreds of pages of FBI files obtained by the Guardian through a Freedom of Information Act (Foia) lawsuit, and interviews with activists … […]

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Coke And Pepsi Named The World’s Top Corporate Plastic Polluters

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been named the most polluting brands in the world as part of a global audit of plastic waste conducted by the Break Free From Plastic movement, and the Intercept reports that Coke was far and away the biggest plastic polluter on the planet: “The giant soda company was responsible for more […]

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Another state bans circus animals as a German circus succeeds with cruelty-free holograms

The days of the circus and of performing Big Top elephants and other exotic animals are coming to an end. For people who care about the rights of animals, it can’t happen soon enough. Meanwhile, in Europe, technology is creating a new magical animal spectacle without the potential to do any harm whatsoever. California just […]

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