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New study suggests climate change will increase the likelihood of armed conflicts across the globe

As we continue to see across the globe, climate change impacts mankind in various ways, making weather patterns more extreme, exacerbating droughts and floods, and leading to crop failure that can cause the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of people. And now thanks to a study from researchers at Stanford University, it appears that […]

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Once the scene of rampant elephant poaching, this African wildlife reserve solved the problem

Between 2009 and 2014, the Niassa National Reserve in northern Mozambique was repeatedly hit by poachers, reducing the elephant population in the reserve from from 12,000 to around 3,675, an average loss of nearly 1,400 elephants a year. Something had to be done. The solution: A tough anti-poaching strategy which managed to reduce the number […]

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Shoes washing up on beaches reveal secret corporate irresponsibility on shipping company pollution

People are finding brand new shoes washing up on the beaches on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s shining a light on how irresponsible corporations are when it comes to reporting shipping mishaps that pollute the sea. In March 2018, the Maersk Shanghai encountered a storm while traveling to deliver cargo off the […]

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National Geographic is recycling plastic by turning it into clothing

Single-use plastics are, perhaps, the greatest pollutant in the world that is threatening us today. But National Geographic has teamed up with The North Face to produce clothing made using this recycled plastic. No place on Earth has been spared from single-use plastic pollution. Even the most remote places in our world have been contaminated […]

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Oil company execs visit the Vatican, where Pope Francis tells them to get on board with clean energy transition

Pope Francis implored oil industry executives, who visited the Vatican on Friday, to get on board with the transition to clean energy to fight climate change. Unfortunately, his plea fell on greedy deaf ears. For years, the oil industry has ignored climate change, even ignoring their own internal science that warned about it as early […]

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