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Hemp Is The New Oak — America’s First Hemp ‘Wood’ Factory

When most people hear the word “hemp,” they automatically think of marijuana. But a new business venture in Kentucky is aiming to make hemp known as a sustainable alternative to wood from oak and other hardwood trees. A $5.8 million hemp wood plant was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, and will employ 25 full-time workers, according […]

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Report warns climate change is causing devastating and fatal consequences on our children and grandchildren NOW

A new report from the Global Health Alliance Australia in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne has some sobering news: Climate change is already causing death, malnutrition, and the stunting of child growth across the world. And the situation is only getting worse. According to The Guardian, Misha Coleman, one of the report’s authors, had […]

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Water runs dry in Zimbabwe as climate crisis brings more devastating drought to the region

When the climate gets hotter, more water evaporates and droughts are more common. As global temperatures rise due to uncontrolled climate change, water shortages are becoming a stark reality, especially in places like Zimbabwe in Africa. Zimbabwe is used to droughts, but because the climate crisis is making them worse and longer-lasting, the country’s water […]

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Environmentalists seek legal rights for critically endangered jaguars in Argentina

In an emergency effort to protect the few remaining jaguars left in Argentina, environmentalist group Greenpeace has filed a lawsuit in the nation’s highest court seeking to give the big cats legal rights, including personhood. There are approximately around 250 jaguars living in Argentina and their numbers are only dropping as deforestation in the name […]

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Scientists call upon United Nations to designate environmental destruction a war crime

Scientists have written an open letter to the United Nations calling for them to designate environmental destruction a war crime for the first time. War is not only destructive to human beings and human settlements, it destroys the environment and kills wildlife as well. Therefore, environmental destruction rightfully should be a war crime because humans […]

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Congress is ignoring the climate crisis, so these Extinction Rebellion activists did something remarkable

Fed up with Congress conducting business as usual and dragging its feet as the climate crisis continues to worsen activists with the worldwide Extinction Rebellion movement did something that was sure to be attention-getting. They superglued themselves to doorways along the halls of the U.S. Capitol building Tuesday and called for lawmakers to declare a […]

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