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Brazil’s Balsonaro Desperately Accuses Leonardo DiCaprio Of Setting The Amazon Ablaze

Brazilian President Jair Balsonaro is so desperate to escape criticism over the devastating Amazon wildfires that he actually accused actor Leonardo DiCaprio of paying environmentalists to start the fires to embarrass him. As deforestation in the Amazon increased, fires were set to speed up clearing to pave the way for cattle ranches. The fires have […]

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Solar-Powered Device Turns Salt Water Into Drinking Water For Thousands In Kenya

One of the greatest challenges in many parts of the world is providing clean drinking water for people. For millions, a lack of water can literally be the difference between life and death. A possible solution to the problem is turning seawater into drinking water, but the cost of doing so is usually exorbitant and […]

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Coldplay Seeks To Make Their Concert Tours Environmentally Friendly

In an effort to promote environmentally friendly concerts, rock band Coldplay is pushing pause on touring until concerts become more carbon neutral. Bands and solo artists travel the world all the time to entertain their loyal fans, but that comes at a steep environmental cost when you consider flights, bus transportation and electricity usage at […]

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France Becomes First Country To Ban All Single-Use Plastic Cutlery, Plates, And Cups

France has become the first country in the world to ban plastic cutlery, plates, and cups with the passage of a law that takes effect in 2020. Exceptions will be made for any items made of compostable or biosourced materials, according to the Washington Post: “The new law is a part of the country’s Energy […]

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United States Gets Caught Acting As A Middleman In Illegal Shark Fin Trade

Sharks play a vital role in marine ecosystems around the globe, but they are vulnerable to extinction because of the illegal shark fin trade. Unfortunately, while the United States is supposed to be a strong force against this illegal trade, it just got busted acting as a middleman. Millions of sharks have been killed over […]

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Tesla Unveils Electric Truck To Compete With Traditional Trucks in Fight Against Carbon Emissions

In a revolutionary move that could put a real dent in the amount of pick-up trucks on the road today and the carbon emissions they release into the atmosphere, Telsa just unveiled their new electric truck. Trucks and SUVs are becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that they threaten to upend all of the […]

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