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Sharks teeter on edge of extinction as humans kill them to make soup, putting ocean health at risk

The world’s oceans are already under enough stress due to human activity, but now sharks are on the decline because of an obsession with shark fin soup, which is threatening to plunge ocean ecosystems into absolute chaos. They’ve been demonized by the media and by Hollywood for decades. Every incident of humans getting bitten or […]

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EPA will limit public’s ability to oppose pollution created by power plants and factories

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is about to weaken rules that give communities a say-so in determining how much pollution can be released by power plants and factories located close to their residents. According to the New Y0rk Times: “The changes would eliminate the ability of individuals or community advocates to appeal against E.P.A.-issued pollution […]

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Asian elephants are teaming up into groups in a bid for survival

Asian elephants in southern India appear to be teaming up into packs as they seek to try and survive in a landscape that is increasingly being encroached upon by human development, according to Mongabay: “Young male elephants, which are typically solitary, are now forming unusually large, and more long-term, all-male herds, according to a study […]

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Just looking at nature can help alleviate cravings for alcohol and drugs

It turns out that humanity has new reasons to protect and restore nature or create greenspaces because a new study shows that just looking at nature can reduce cravings for things like alcohol, drugs and food. That means nature can act in a crucial health management capacity in certain situations by helping people combat anxiety […]

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