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Italian island of Capri bans single-use plastics in win for the environment

Capri is a small island off the coast of Italy, but it is determined to lead the way toward a greener and pollution-free world by banning single-use plastics a full two years before a European Union-wide ban takes effect in 2021. That’s why the Capri city council passed a new law that takes effect this […]

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London is set to become the world’s first National Park city

The city of London is aiming to become the first National Park city in the world as part of the effort to go green and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. Cities around the globe are big polluters of the Earth. Scientific American reports that “residents of just 100 cities account for 20 percent of humanity’s […]

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Living in harmony with the land at the Sunburst Sanctuary

Imagine a “divine society of beings that no longer pollute” this garden of beauty, creating heaven here on Earth. A tribe who abandons the notion of coveting material things and becomes caretakers of the land of each other, seeking divine wisdom and knowledge. If that sounds like hippie talk from the 60s, that’s because it […]

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Maine experiments with ready-made campsites to attract more people to the great outdoors

If you ever wanted to experience Maine without staying at an expensive resort or hotel, now’s your chance after the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry has teamed up with a company known as Tentrr. In an experiment to attract more people into the great outdoors, Maine helped Tentrr set up ready-made campsites in […]

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Simple ways everyone can move toward a greener, more prosperous future today

Human activities are causing climate change and polluting the environment to such a degree that the future looks bleak indeed. However, it’s vital to remember that humans can turn it around if they work together and plan for a better future. Rather than feeling pessimistic and helpless, there are simple things that each person can […]

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5 Delicious and Nutritious Foods that Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Our bodies are complex and sensitive. Sure, there’s a lot that our bodies can handle. However, a poor diet is basically a one-way ticket to sick-ville. Having a diet that’s high in fats and unhealthy food can be a cause for cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious and life-threatening illnesses and conditions. Today, I’m […]

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