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Just looking at nature can help alleviate cravings for alcohol and drugs

It turns out that humanity has new reasons to protect and restore nature or create greenspaces because a new study shows that just looking at nature can reduce cravings for things like alcohol, drugs and food. That means nature can act in a crucial health management capacity in certain situations by helping people combat anxiety […]

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Warmer oceans are causing a dramatic spike in the number of flesh-eating bacteria infections

Last month in Florida, a woman slipped and fell into the ocean while on vacation, slightly cutting her leg. The wound measured approximately three-quarters of a inch long. Later that same day, the woman began experiencing terrible pain in her injured leg. A few days later, her leg had turned black and she was placed […]

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France announces eco-tax on flights to raise millions in fight against climate change

France once again demonstrated its resolve to fight climate change this week by announcing the implementation of a new eco-tax or green tax on flights, which will raise millions of dollars to invest in cleaner transportation advances. The French government already tried to tax gas and diesel fuel, but the people lashed out against such […]

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Man seeks to cut through noise of modern society by creating ‘quiet parks’

Just as light pollution has ruined the natural night sky for millions of people around the globe, noise pollution threatens the last natural quiet places on Earth, and one man seeks to protect them by establishing “quiet parks.” As the world population grows, noise pollution is becoming a much bigger problem, not just for plants […]

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Retail company H&M busted by regulators for ‘greenwashing’

It appears that fashion industry giants are trying to sell their products now by falsely portraying them as “sustainable” and environmentally friendly, including Swiss retail company H&M. As climate change continues to worsen, more and more people are becoming more aware of what materials their clothing is made of and how they were manufactured, leading […]

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Oregon Governor is preparing to use executive power to pass climate change action

Despite a valiant effort by Oregon Democrats to push a carbon cap bill that would help the state lead the way in the fight against climate change, Republicans sabotaged the measure. And that’s why Governor Kate Brown is strongly considering enacting the measures anyway through executive action. Last month, the Democratic-controlled state House passed legislation […]

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