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BioSolar Leaves May Be Better At Cleaning The Air Than Trees

Though you’ve probably never heard of BioSolar Leaves, they may one day assist in purifying the air we breathe while simultaneously producing healthy food, according to the World Economic Forum. The panels look much like the usual solar panels, but with one major difference: They’re green due to the microscopic plant life growing in them […]

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Artist Draws Awareness To Deforestation By Planting A Forest Inside A Stadium

An artist in Austria is bringing attention to the worldwide problem of deforestation by planting a forest inside a stadium to reflect the dystopian future our planet is heading for if we do not stop clear-cutting trees. Deforestation is worse now than ever before, especially as the Amazon rainforest burns in Brazil and loggers prepare […]

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Plastic Packaging Being Replaced By Banana Leaves In Asian Supermarkets

It began in Thailand at Rimping supermarket: Wrapping produce in banana leaves instead of plastic as a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills across the world. And now the trend is taking hold all across Asia, according to Matador Network: “The banana leaves are multi-purpose, able to be used for vegetables, […]

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Blue Communities Fight Against The Greed Of Water Privatization

Water insecurity is one of the most pressing problems humanity faces in the world today, which is why water privatization is an evil that must be fought. And that’s what Canadian activist Maude Barlow and “Blue Communities” are doing. The worst perpetrator of water privatization is Nestle, which sucks up millions of gallons from freshwater […]

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Plastic Cutlery Moves Into Top Ten List Of Trash Found On Beaches

As the world increasingly recognizes the plastics crisis facing our oceans, the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup report reveals that plastic cutlery has rocketed into the top ten list of items found on beaches. Plastic is choking our world. 8 million metric tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year and it’s […]

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American Elk Population Threatened By The Increasing Popularity Of Outdoor Activities

Vail, Colorado, is known as one of the most beautiful places in the United States, drawing tourists from around the world, many of whom travel to the city for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. But the popularity of Vail is having devastating consequences for the elk population in the area, The […]

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Wildlife Selfies Are Now A Thing And It’s Harming Animals

When conservationists and researchers take selfie photographs with animals, they are trying to raise awareness in an effort to protect a species from extinction. But all too often, people are going to extraordinary lengths to take selfies with animals themselves, and that is having a negative impact. Wild animals are exactly that–wild–and they should be […]

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India To Ban Single-Use Plastics In Celebration Of Gandhi’s Birthday

As the single-use plastics crisis continues to wreak havoc on our oceans and coastlines, more nations are waking up to do something about it. The latest to step up is India, which is using the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday to ban them this year. Gandhi is a legendary leader who advocated for peaceful protest […]

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Charity Saves Untouched Forest From Loggers By Creating First Crowdfunded Park

A pristine forest surrounding Princess Louisa Inlet in British Columbia, Canada has been saved from the greedy clutches of loggers after a charity turned to crowdfunding and raised $3 million to purchase the land outright and turned it into a protected park. Princess Louisa Inlet is a prime example of a fjord in Canada, and […]

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