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Meadow Restoration Is Bringing Back Birds, Bees And Wildflowers

As our urban and agricultural lifestyles continue to expand, the loss of valuable meadows full of flowers has increased, resulting in plants that were once common becoming vulnerable to extinction. But that is starting to change as more landowners start restoring these beautiful fields. Seeing an open meadow may cause some to think that such […]

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Trump Administration fires Scientists For Reporting That His Water Plan Threatens Salmon And Whales

President Donald Trump responded to a scientific report warning that his water plan would threaten the existence of endangered salmon and killer whales by burying the report and firing the scientists. Seriously, this happened just last month. But it all started in October when Trump signed a memorandum to weaken environmental regulations that preserve the […]

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Majority Of Voters Support Holding Energy Companies Liable For Lying About Climate Change

A majority of American voters — 62 percent — say they think energy companies should be held liable for funding misinformation about climate change and the global climate crisis, according to a new poll from YouGov Blue. Specifically, those polled said they believe companies should be held financially liable “if it could be proven that […]

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Keep Your Eyes Out For Wonderful Wildlife Crossings As You Hit The Highways For Vacation

As Americans make travel plans and get out on the highways, they face many tedious hours in the car. However, watching the native wildlife and spotting wildflowers along the way can be a memorable and enjoyable part of your vacation. If you love our wildlife, you’ll also love spotting structures built with them in mind: […]

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Hemp Is The New Oak — America’s First Hemp ‘Wood’ Factory

When most people hear the word “hemp,” they automatically think of marijuana. But a new business venture in Kentucky is aiming to make hemp known as a sustainable alternative to wood from oak and other hardwood trees. A $5.8 million hemp wood plant was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, and will employ 25 full-time workers, according […]

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Report warns climate change is causing devastating and fatal consequences on our children and grandchildren NOW

A new report from the Global Health Alliance Australia in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne has some sobering news: Climate change is already causing death, malnutrition, and the stunting of child growth across the world. And the situation is only getting worse. According to The Guardian, Misha Coleman, one of the report’s authors, had […]

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