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Corporate farm waste may be a bigger environmental problem than we can imagine

When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas in 2018, at least 52 people were killed and the economic loss was estimated at almost $17 billion. One major loss was of animals on farms, where the giant storm killed approximately 3.5 million chickens and 5,500 hogs. But perhaps the biggest loser of all when it came to […]

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5 ways humans are accelerating the rate of animal extinctions

Within the next decade, one million of the world’s animal species may vanish from the face of the planet, according to a recent U.N report on biodiversity. Sandra Díaz, one of the co-chairs of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services remarked: “The evidence is crystal clear: Nature is in trouble. Therefore we […]

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Earth scientist issues terrifying warning about climate change

Dr. James Dyke is an Earth scientist at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom who just explained why climate change will likely kill billions of people before we take collective meaningful action to stop it despite warnings. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a United Nations body that reviews scientific literature and […]

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California Assembly passes bill requiring deforestation-free supply chains

As deforestation continues to worsen and causes climate change to become more uncontrollable, the California state assembly voted to do something about it this week by passing legislation requiring deforestation-free supply chains. Every year, the world’s rainforests disappear a little more, robbing us of trees that provide oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, help in the […]

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Study warns humans are causing nature to shrink as large animals disappear

Nature could look unrecognizable within the next century if humans do not become better stewards of the Earth because a new study is warning that large animal species are dying off at an alarming rate. Over the last 125,000 years, humans have seen the extinction of mammoths and other large animals of the Ice Age […]

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Air pollution is getting worse and is harming every organ in our bodies

World leaders may be taking action to prevent uncontrollable climate change, but that doesn’t mean there’s less air pollution because it’s actually getting worse and is adversely affecting every organ in our bodies. Since the dawn of the industrial age, air pollution has been a constant problem affecting our health and lives. Millions of people […]

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The world is running out of helium because people are obsessed with party balloons

In the very near future, the world is going to have to make a decision. We either want helium for party balloons, or we save it for scientific and technological uses that benefit mankind. Because our current supply is running out, and helium is not a renewable resource. Just 150 years ago, humans discovered helium, […]

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Bayer loses another Roundup cancer case as California jury awards couple $2 billion

Bayer AG, the company that owns Monsanto, is reeling after a third jury in California awarded a $2 billion judgement against plaintiffs who sued the pharmaceutical giant for causing their cancer through the use of Roundup, a popular weed killer. Roundup relies on a chemical known as glyphosate, which the World Health Organization’s International Agency […]

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