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Study warns we need to protect at least 30 percent of the Earth to save it

A new study is warning world leaders that we must strive to protect at least 30 percent, or preferably up to 50 percent of the Earth in order to save it from irreversible catastrophe that would negatively impact humans. Climate change and exploitation have put ecosystems around the globe at serious risk for decades and […]

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Climate change deniers cherry-pick glacier study data to ‘cancel global warming’

A critical glacier in Greenland is growing again, after melting at an exponential rate for over 20 years. The Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier started growing again two years ago at about the same rate as it was retreating, according to a NASA study. And, wouldn’t you know it, climate change deniers are using this information to […]

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Trying to fix Louisiana’s land-loss crisis is creating unintended consequences

Louisiana, home to the iconic New Orleans, is hemorrhaging land every single day. A football field’s worth every hour, in fact. While scientists have known for decades that the land-loss crisis was getting worse, seeing the erosion from satellite photos and knowing why it is eroding is key to fixing it. Or is it? Although […]

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5 Delicious and Nutritious Foods that Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Our bodies are complex and sensitive. Sure, there’s a lot that our bodies can handle. However, a poor diet is basically a one-way ticket to sick-ville. Having a diet that’s high in fats and unhealthy food can be a cause for cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious and life-threatening illnesses and conditions. Today, I’m […]

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Micro-Fragmenting Is Exactly What We Need to Save Our Coral Reefs

It’s not a secret that our coral reefs are in danger. Sunblock has dangerous chemicals that are killing off our reefs. Slowly, but surely, our reefs are dwindling away. It seemed that there wasn’t a cure for this problem. How can we replenish something under water? How can we fix coral reefs? Indeed, it’s a […]

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President George H. W. Bush’s Contribution to Marine Conservation

With the passing of the 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush, many Americans are reflecting on his life and presidency. In the midst of the nation’s mourning, it is also important to remember his contributions to the environment, especially marine conservation. President Bush established the most marine sanctuaries of any other […]

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