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Wildlife Preserve Scores A Victory As Wall Construction Is Delayed At The Border In Arizona

The Trump administration is willfully ignoring environmental laws in an effort to fast-track the building of a border wall through protected lands that would have a serious negative impact on wildlife. Migration is crucial to many species that live on or near borderlands. It helps create diversity among species and gives them access to seasonal […]

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Hemp Is The New Oak — America’s First Hemp ‘Wood’ Factory

When most people hear the word “hemp,” they automatically think of marijuana. But a new business venture in Kentucky is aiming to make hemp known as a sustainable alternative to wood from oak and other hardwood trees. A $5.8 million hemp wood plant was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, and will employ 25 full-time workers, according […]

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Vast Acres Of The Tropical Rainforest Are Being Brought Back To Life

For decades, thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest across the world have been destroyed by mankind, contributing greatly to global climate change. But now efforts are being made to restore the rainforests, according to a new report from Mongabay, which cites a paper in the journal Science Advances: “The paper, published July 3 in the […]

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Inexpensive Polymer Film May Soon Be Used To Cool Buildings Instead Of Electricity

Big cities and metropolitan areas use lots of electricity. And the design of buildings such as skyscrapers — which are often made of steel and glass — causes those structures to warm quickly, especially with global climate change raising temperatures across the planet. But researchers at the University of Buffalo have designed a revolutionary new […]

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