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8 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Dying Coral Reefs

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a coral reef or an online video of these deep-sea rock formations, you’ll undoubtedly agree that they are breathtakingly beautiful. Coral reef facts are also intriguing pieces of information that can grant us some insight into the tranquil underwater world in which these vibrant and colorful ecosystems thrive. […]

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2018 Report Covers the Most and Least Healthy States in the US

Every year for the last 20 years, the United Health Foundation has published a report regarding the population’s health in each state of the United States. The United Health Foundation is a nonprofit division of UnitedHealth Group, which also owns the insurance company United Healthcare and Optum. The top five healthy states in the country […]

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FDA Wants New Regulations After Spike in Vaping Minors

In recent years, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) have seen a boost in their popularity. Many brands originally marketed e-cigarettes toward adults trying to quit smoking, saying their product was a healthier alternative. These products still contain nicotine, but users no longer have to inhale a harmful smoke. While these […]

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