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Rainforest Action Network Busts Major Companies For Buying Palm Oil From Illegal Plantations

Several major American companies have been implicated in the destruction of rainforest in Indonesia after the Rainforest Action Network caught them purchasing palm oil from illegal plantations engaged in deforestation. The Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve in Indonesia is home to one of the densest populations of Sumatran Orangutans anywhere on Earth, and they play a […]

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Vegan Leather Company Produces Pocketbook Made From Apple Skins

In a major win for sustainable eco-friendly products, a company called SAMARA has found a way to make leather goods from apple skins. For a very long time, leather goods such as belts, wallets and pocketbooks have been made from animals skins. In fact, leather derived from cows contributes to the climate crisis we all […]

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Humans Release 100x More Carbon Dioxide Than Volcanic Eruptions, Study Finds

A new study details exactly how much damage humans are doing to the environment with activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, revealing that, on average, human actions produce anywhere from 40 to 100 times the carbon emissions of volcanic eruptions which take place across the world each year. AFP reports: “The Deep Carbon […]

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Anheuser-Busch Will Now Have The Largest Electric Truck Fleet In The Country

North American beer giant Anheuser-Busch took a leap into the future this week by announcing the company’s transition to electric delivery trucks, which means they will have the largest such fleet on the continent. It cannot be stressed enough that transportation around the globe will have to change dramatically as part of the fight against […]

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Ocean Cleaning Device Successfully Catches Plastic Waste In The Pacific

A floating device that vacuums up plastic waste from the ocean passed its first test recently when it successfully collected debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, CNN reports: “The Netherlands-based nonprofit the Ocean Cleanup says its latest prototype was able to capture and hold debris ranging in size from huge, abandoned fishing gear, known […]

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