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Report warns climate change is causing devastating and fatal consequences on our children and grandchildren NOW

A new report from the Global Health Alliance Australia in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne has some sobering news: Climate change is already causing death, malnutrition, and the stunting of child growth across the world. And the situation is only getting worse. According to The Guardian, Misha Coleman, one of the report’s authors, had […]

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Bureau of Land Management appointee wants to give all public lands to fossil fuel industry

As the Trump administration prepares to gut the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by disbanding its headquarters, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has appointed as acting head a man who wants to give all public lands to the fossil fuel industry. Nearly a quarter billion acres of land in the United States belongs to the American […]

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Water runs dry in Zimbabwe as climate crisis brings more devastating drought to the region

When the climate gets hotter, more water evaporates and droughts are more common. As global temperatures rise due to uncontrolled climate change, water shortages are becoming a stark reality, especially in places like Zimbabwe in Africa. Zimbabwe is used to droughts, but because the climate crisis is making them worse and longer-lasting, the country’s water […]

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Pacific Island nations declare climate crisis as fears rise they will be uninhabitable by 2030

Several Pacific island nations have declared a climate emergency and warn that their islands may not exist in a decade if the rest of the world continues to drag their feet when it comes to meaningfully address climate change. As global temperatures continue to rise, sea levels are rising with them, resulting in a calamity […]

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