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Native American Tribes Block Copper Mining Company From Destroying Ancestral Lands

For too long, our justice system has sided with the government and corporations at the expense of the rights of indigenous peoples like Native Americans. But a ruling by a judge against a mining company in Arizona may be setting a new precedent. For thousands of years, the Tohono O’odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Hopi […]

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Sidney, Australia Is About To Run Out Of Drinking Water, Raising New Alarm Over Climate Crisis

On top of the increasing devastation of uncontrollable wildfires, Australia now faces life without water as temperatures rise and severe drought persists, particularly in the city of Sydney. Sydney, Australia is an iconic location that is home to five million people. Back in 2003, the city dealt with a drought that lasted until 2009. But […]

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Plastic Producers Use America Recycles Day As Cover While They Pollute The Environment

America Recycles Day has only been in existence for two years, but it is already controversial, not because Americans don’t want to recycle, but because the plastic industry uses it as cover to continue polluting the environment. Originally thought up by non-profit organization Keep America Beautiful, the day is supposed to encourage Americans to support […]

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California Won’t Buy From Car Companies On The ‘Wrong Side’ Of History

The state of California has a powerful message for automakers who support the lowering of fuel efficiency standards for cars sold in their state: No more state contracts for you. Cal Matters reports that Governor Gavin Newsom made it clear companies that make vehicles that don’t meet the higher fuel efficiency standards the state has […]

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