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Tourism causes sacred ōhiʻa tree in Hawaii to become a threatened species

Tourists who visit the state of Hawaii will immediately notice a species of tree that features beautiful red flower blossoms growing throughout the rainforest on the Big Island. Unfortunately, those same tourists may be unwittingly responsible for the threat the ōhiʻa tree now faces. There are millions of ōhiʻa trees growing on the Hawaiian island […]

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Scotland yanks protected status from Trump’s golf course for destroying iconic dunes

President Donald Trump’s golf course in Scotland just had its protected environmental status revoked for destroying some of the prized dunes of Aberdeenshire. The iconic sand dunes are one of Scotland’s “most valuable habitats” according to Scottish Natural Heritage conservation agency. In 2007, however, the Scottish government foolishly believed Trump when he insisted that building […]

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White rhinos at San Diego Zoo may be able to save another nearly extinct rhino species

Their names are Victoria and Amani. They’re two female southern white rhinos who live at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and they’re both pregnant. Victoria is due to give birth in July or August. Amani’s baby is expected in November or December. Anytime an animal as majestic as these rhinos is about to give […]

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Major U.S. insurance company cuts all ties to the coal industry as a result of climate change

U.S. insurance giant Chubb said Tuesday that they will cease all investments in the coal industry and also stop selling policies that help construct coal plants. It will also stop underwriting companies that generate more than 30 percent of their revenue from coal mining or electricity produced coal. The Guardian reports: “Chubb will become the […]

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It’s so hot in California that live mussels are cooking to death in their shells

Another tragic consequence of climate change and the rising temperatures that come with it is playing out in California as mussels are being roasted to death inside their shells on the beach. Mussels are intertidal creatures that attach themselves to rocks and thrive in coastal regions around the world. In California, they are prevalent up […]

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