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Presidential Candidates Stances On Climate Change

One of the most compelling issues facing our world today is the Presidential candidates stances on climate change. The issue has become so important that in 2015, a group of American children sued the federal government for putting their lives at risk.  This lawsuit is now making its way to the United States Supreme Court. […]

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One of the coldest countries in the world may wind up iceless due to climate change

Greenland is one of the coldest nations on the planet, though its name suggests otherwise, and it now appears that country will eventually wind up free of ice entirely if current climate patterns and global warming increase. According to Science Daily, researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have reached a startling conclusion: “New research […]

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Agriculture Department caught hiding studies proving the dangers of climate change

The Trump administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture are actively burying dozens of government-funded scientific studies detailing the effects of climate change, according to Politico: “The studies range from a groundbreaking discovery that rice loses vitamins in a carbon-rich environment — a potentially serious health concern for the 600 million people world-wide whose diet consists […]

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Pacific island nation of Vanuatu bans disposable diapers to reduce plastic waste

There’s tons of single-use plastic waste contaminating our world, but perhaps the nastiest plastic product we are not talking about enough are disposable diapers. We’ve already highlighted the billions of unrecyclable plastic toothbrushes that are floating around the oceans and washing up on beaches around the globe. There’s also single-use plastic food containers that were […]

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New study suggests climate change will increase the likelihood of armed conflicts across the globe

As we continue to see across the globe, climate change impacts mankind in various ways, making weather patterns more extreme, exacerbating droughts and floods, and leading to crop failure that can cause the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of people. And now thanks to a study from researchers at Stanford University, it appears that […]

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‘Blue tears’ plankton blooms in China’s waters are toxic to sea life – And they’re getting much worse

Tourists have dubbed them “blue tears,” and while the blooms in the East China Sea off Taiwan’s Matsu Island may indeed be beautiful and mysterious, they’re part of a much larger problem which threatens the sea life in those very same waters. notes that the blue glow is actually caused by plankton: “The glowing […]

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