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Climate change causes ‘catastrophic breeding failure’ among emperor penguin population

Penguins are among the world’s most recognizable and favorite animal species. But climate change is putting significantly more pressure on emperor penguin populations in Antarctica, and they just suffered yet another major blow according to a new study. For the last three years, emperor penguins have experienced difficulty breeding ever since part of the Halley […]

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Study warns balloons are greater threat to seabirds than plastic straws

A new study reveals that while plastic straws is a killer of marine animals, it’s balloons that are a greater threat, particularly to seabirds. All of us at one time or another has probably released a balloon into the air and thought nothing of it. After all, it’s just a balloon, it couldn’t possibly kill […]

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Multi-millionaire CEO creates foundation dedicated to conservation of big cats around the world

The CEO of a billion dollar corporation based in Maine is putting his money to good use by starting a foundation dedicated to the conservation of big cats and their habitats. Ibexx Laboratories Inc. has a revenue of around $2 billion and CEO Jonathan Ayers is worth an estimated $200 million. The company is listed […]

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United Nations: One million species at risk of extinction because of humans

A frightening United Nations report due for release next month outlines the risk of extinction for up to one million species and names humans as the top cause of the coming devastation and our own demise. The world is racing against time as climate change becomes an even greater threat to our very survival. The […]

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Maine experiments with ready-made campsites to attract more people to the great outdoors

If you ever wanted to experience Maine without staying at an expensive resort or hotel, now’s your chance after the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry has teamed up with a company known as Tentrr. In an experiment to attract more people into the great outdoors, Maine helped Tentrr set up ready-made campsites in […]

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Earth Day 2019: Dedicated to protecting species like beautiful sea turtles

The first Earth Day took place in spring 1970 when there were no laws to protect the environment. The national event organized by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin was a huge success. Over twenty million Americans took to the streets on April 22, 1970, demanding action on environmental pollution. Their efforts led to the […]

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Electric cars set to be just as affordable as regular vehicles sooner than anyone thought

If you have always wanted to switch from your gas-guzzling vehicle to an electric car, but hesitated because of the higher price, you may be just three years away from finally being able to do so because that’s when electric cars will reach cost parity with conventional cars. A new report by Bloomberg energy analysts […]

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Montana judge blocks mining in Yellowstone because the environment is more valuable than gold

It’s a court ruling that mining companies are likely to raise objections to, a Montana judge ensured this week that Yellowstone National Park and the public lands surrounding it will be protected from mining for years to come. Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas are a national treasure. Americans have been exploring the wonders […]

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Australian restaurants pledge to serve only sustainable seafood

In an effort to reverse ongoing environmental concerns surrounding the fishing industry, some of Australia’s top restaurants are pledging to stop serving seafood that has been red-listed in the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Sustainable Seafood Guide. The guide, which you can find here, was “developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing and its […]

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