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Scientists Create Northern White Rhino Embryos to Save the Endangered Species

Endangered species are a large area of concern for wildlife conservationists. Loss of habitat, poaching, and diseases have reduced certain populations significantly, and scientists are hard at work to save them. Some of the species on the endangered list you might recognize are polar bears, Bornean orangutans, monarch butterflies, and bees. Another one that is […]

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Adidas Sold 1 Million Environmentally Friendly Shoes Last Year

Last year, Adidas launched environmentally friendly shoes made almost entirely of plastic found in the oceans. Their campaign, Run for the Oceans, brought awareness to plastic pollution and how it affects ecosystems. They sold one million pairs of the upcycled plastic shoes last year, and are continuing to collaborate with Parley for the Oceans. This […]

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Researchers Find Microplastics and Chemicals in Antarctica

At the beginning of the year, researchers from Greenpeace set out to Antarctica, the supposed last place untouched by pollutants. They collected samples of the snow and water to test for microplastics and persistent, hazardous chemicals. They, of course, found pollutants in both the snow and water samples. We now know how much more serious […]

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