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Biodiversity and Nature continue to Decline, new IPBES Reports Shows

Recently, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), in Medellín, Colombia, at the 6th session of its Plenary, approved four regional assessment reports biodiversity and ecosystem services cover the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific, Africa, as well as Europe and Central Asia. After a three years’ work, these reports made their way […]

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Welcome Solenodon: The Genome Club Adds a New Member, which Survived to Dinosaurs

After many years of research on a genetically and geographically isolated and highly endangered mammal, an international team of scientists managed to sequence the Solenodon genome, and the results are surprising. The Solenodon is a venomous, nocturnal, burrowing, insectivorous mammal belonging to the family Solenodontidae. Such animals can rarely be found only in a few […]

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Ocean Acidification will Severely Impair Coral Reef Growth by the End of the Century

New research on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef led by Carnegie Institution for Science’s Ken Caldeira and the California Academy of Sciences’ Rebecca Albright show that ocean acidification will severely impair coral reef growth by the end of the century if carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise. The scientists performed the first ocean acidification experiment. They […]

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