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New Shark Species found in the Atlantic was here before Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

Scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology have identified and confirmed the existence of a new shark species residing in the Atlantic Ocean – the “Atlantic sixgill shark” through genetic testing. The study represents the collaborative work of researchers from Florida Institute of Technology, MarAlliance, Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory and the National […]

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All that Glitters is Gold: Bacteria Turns Toxic Metals into Gold Nuggets

In the world of biology, the rod-shaped bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans is quite famous. This soil-living bacterium is able to survive massive doses of toxic metals. In 2009, scientists found these bacteria were capable to deposit solid gold into its immediate environment, but nobody knew how. Besides the fact that they could survive heavy metal environments that were […]

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Ancient Mayan Remains and Megafauna Fossils found in the World’s Largest Underwater Cave

Archaeologists and scientists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History recently discovered the world’s largest flooded cave system. Until now, the Sac Actun underwater caves were recognized as two distinct cave systems in Mexico. However, not long ago, explorers of the Gran Acuífero Maya (GAM) announced their discovery of a passageway between the two. This makes […]

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The National Coral Reef Management wants to Protect Guam Coral Reef via Marketing and Safe Tourism

Eco-friendly tourism may be the best solution to protect the environment. It will help create awareness towards severe environmental problems, such as the condition and fate of coral reefs all over the world. According to recent reports, 1/4 of coral reefs worldwide are already considered damaged beyond repair, with another two-thirds being under serious threat. […]

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So Far this Century, We Killed more than 100,000 Orangutans and We Don’t Seem to Stop

A new research study, published in the journal Current Biology, shows that Borneo’s orangutan population plummeted by more than 100,000 animals in between 1999 and 2015. This is one of the most comprehensive studies of orangutan populations in Borneo and one to draw serious attention among conservation specialists. This species — the Bornean orangutan — is […]

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