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Climate Change Update: 2016 Broke Extreme Weather Record

According to the most recent statement of the World Meteorological Organization, our planet is not on a good path. Last year, man-made pollution forced temperatures into an extreme weather record. Unfortunately, the chart-buster heat that awarded 2016 as “The Hottest Year Ever Recorded” hasn’t stopped. Continuing into 2017, the unsettling warming trend is pushing Earth […]

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Advocacy or Climate Science

A geography professor at the Delaware University points out that advocacy should not replace science. A global warming researcher took a stand against the way college students are being presented with advocacy instead of actual scientific facts when it comes to climate change.  David Legates, the geography professor at the Delaware University, said that students […]

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What is GE doing with Natural Gas? It will amaze you!

General Electric is sinking billions of dollars into natural gas turbines and power plants as the answer to the world’s need for cleaner and more flexible power. It’s also investing heavily in software to manage every aspect of electricity generation, distribution and consumption, in the form of its internet of things (IOT) offering, which it […]

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Why Moodys Thinks Cheap Batteries are Bad for Utilities

Batteries for grid-scale energy storage are getting cheaper all the time, and could be economically competitive without subsidies for certain key applications by decade’s end. That’s good news for utility customers and the power grid, but bad news for merchant power generators and utilities, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report released last week. “The […]

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