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Ice cores reveal 1,500 years of lead levels starting in Medieval times

Scientists studying a series of ice cores discovered that lead pollution was a problem even before the Industrial Revolution. Ice cores are remarkable because they serve as global record keepers helping scientists study past climate and pollution. In our own modern times when climate change is on the verge of becoming uncontrollable and the burning […]

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Scotland wind turbines double energy production in defiance of Trump’s complaining

When President Donald Trump complained about the “ugly” wind turbines off the coast of Scotland, officials could have easily abandoned the wind energy project. But they didn’t, and now it’s paying off huge. As the world continues to move toward switching completely to renewable energy sources, the wind turbines in Scotland have just proven how […]

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Northernmost settlement in the world reaches record highs, warmer than British Columbia

The northernmost settlement in the world, Alert, Nunavut, in Canada is a high-security station that monitors electronic signals and communications. The military base is known for a giant display of signs, showing the names of cities and the vast distances in thousands of kilometers to travel there from the remote location. It’s over 4000 miles […]

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Hurricane Barry set to have devastating effect on environment and wildlife

As Hurricane Barry approaches the already battered Louisiana coast, experts are warning that it could cause much devastation to the environment and wildlife that will take years to recover. Louisiana is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina from over a decade ago and this year’s rainfall has already caused a lot of flooding and ground saturation […]

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7,000 colleges and universities declare a climate emergency and present a plan

Over 7,000 colleges and universities have declared a climate emergency and also presented a three-point plan to help combat the problem and its costs, according to EcoWatch: “The declaration came in a letter — which other education institutions are encouraged to sign — that was organized by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), […]

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Study reveals light pollution prevents clownfish from hatching

If you loved the clownfish characters in Disney/Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” you’ll be disappointed to learn that light pollution is threatening them because their eggs won’t hatch because of it. A team of researchers in Australia made the alarming discovery while conducting an experiment using ten pairs of clownfish, each of which can produce hundreds to […]

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Department of Agriculture suspends tracking of dwindling honey bee population

The U.S. Department of Agriculture abruptly suspended all data collection for the Honey Bee Colonies report on Monday, saying that federal budget cuts are responsible for the decision, which comes as the population of honey bees continues to fall across the country, according to HuffPost: “The number of honey bee hives, vital to pollinating crops […]

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Research suggests we can use subway tunnels to generate heating and cooling for homes

Groundbreaking new research out of Lausanne, Switzerland suggests using subway tunnels to generate energy to heat and cool homes in cities around the world. Heating and cooling is one of humanity’s top uses of energy, especially energy produced by fossil fuels. It’s also expensive and produces hundreds of millions of tons of carbon emissions every […]

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