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Vast Acres Of The Tropical Rainforest Are Being Brought Back To Life

For decades, thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest across the world have been destroyed by mankind, contributing greatly to global climate change. But now efforts are being made to restore the rainforests, according to a new report from Mongabay, which cites a paper in the journal Science Advances: “The paper, published July 3 in the […]

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Inexpensive Polymer Film May Soon Be Used To Cool Buildings Instead Of Electricity

Big cities and metropolitan areas use lots of electricity. And the design of buildings such as skyscrapers — which are often made of steel and glass — causes those structures to warm quickly, especially with global climate change raising temperatures across the planet. But researchers at the University of Buffalo have designed a revolutionary new […]

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The European Investment Bank says it will refuse to fund fossil fuel projects by the end of 2020

Effective on January 1, 2021, the European Investment Bank (EIB), says it will no longer loan a dime of its money to any fossil fuel company and will instead use its funds to fight global climate change through investments in clean, renewable energy, Bloomberg reports: “’The bank will phase out support to energy projects reliant […]

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